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2010  wholesale NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL Jersey etc

We also supply NFL football jersey, NBA basketball jerseys, MLB baseball jersey, NHL hockey jerseys, soccer jerseys, etc.

Features Specifications: Football Sports Jersey Soccer Jersey + wholesales jersey, jersey, sports jersey, fashion jersey

1) Brand name: fashion red sox MLB jerseys NFL, jersey, NHL jersey

2) Have all available in a full range of sizes and colours,

3) fabric:100% cotton, reactive dying, soft hand feel ,

4) Packing:an individual polybag each product,

5) The material is superb,

6 ) Have excellect in quality and very reasonable in price

We also have many NFL super bowl jerseys, NFL pro bowl jerseys, NBA all star jerseys, soccer jerseys, MLB baseball jerseys, f you are interested in our jerseys or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

shipment: free shipping, within 24 hours after confirm your payment whosale, retail and dropshiping are all welcome. lower prices for large order. We always insist High quality and low price, Service first, credibility first.

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