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Another little short... enjoy :)


Cristina [Narrating]: People are weak. I see weakness all the time. The woman who gives up her life to have babies, the man who gave up his career to travel the world. Its weakness, it’s giving up. I hate quitters, quitters are stupid. What is the point in starting something if you’re not going to complete it? I commit. If I am serious about something, I commit to it. I don’t do things by half, I don’t beg for help, I man up. People are weak. I, am strong.

[A woman is on a stretcher being carried out of an ambulance, she is frowning with a burn mark on her head and a feeble looking man follows her]

Cristina: What have we got?

Ambulance Man: 32 year old female, wax burns to her head and eye

Cristina: Wax?

Linda: Candle Wax, this jackass thought he was being romantic

Ray: I’m sorry! I thought I’d try and cheer you up

Linda: Do I look happy Ray? Do I?!

Ray: Babe...

Linda: Don’t babe me, I’m blind

Cristina: Um, page Sloan. Are you feeling any pain?

Linda: No, these burns are quite pleasurable

[They are taken into a treatment room]

Cristina: 10mg of acetaminophen and bolus IV

Linda: You hear that, Ray, they’re drugging me!

Cristina: You’re going to have to be calm so I can examine you


Cristina: SHUT UP

[Linda stares at Cristina]

Cristina: Good, now I’m going to take a look at the eye

[Cristina peels back the bandage and we see the eye is badly burnt]

Ray: Oh god..

Cristina: Get him out of her

Ray: Linda, I’m sorry!

Linda: Asshole

Cristina: You said it

[Sloan walks in]

Sloan: This better be good Yang, I was on the phone to an estate agent

Cristina: You and Lexi are getting a house?

Sloan: No, I’M getting a house

Cristina: For yourself?

Sloan: Yes

Cristina: OK... 32 year old female with candle wax burns to her forehead and eye

Sloan: Candle Wax?

Cristina: Romance gone wrong

Linda: Romance my ass, the guy wouldn’t know romance if it bit him on his ass

Sloan: Let’s have a look here

[Sloan pulls back the bandage]

Sloan: OK, the burn to your forehead will heal by itself. What I am worried about though is the burn to the eyelid...

[Lexi walks in]

Sloan: Dr Grey, perhaps you could explain the risks of an eyelid burn

Lexi: Um, Corneal Dehydration and ulceration?

Sloan: Correct

Linda: Will I go blind?

Sloan: No, but we’re going to have to perform what’s called Debridement to that burn in order for it to heal. This is a minor surgery...

Linda: Surgery?!

Sloan: I’ll take away the dead skin tissue

Linda: But surgery?

Cristina: The other method would be autolytic where we would use wet gauze in order to allow the wound to heal the dead tissue itself, however, with the nature of the injury it’s important we remove the dead right away

Linda: What are the risks?

Sloan: With any surgery there are risks. I will have a Ophthalmic surgeon with me but I assure you I am the best plastic surgeon around

Linda: I’ll have the surgery, on one condition

Sloan: Yes?

Linda: You make that jackass fiancée of mine watch

[Sloan and Cristina stare at each other, we move to the nurses station where Meredith and Derek are stood talking]

Derek: Mrs Shepherd

Meredith: I’m not changing my name, Derek

Derek: Grey-Shepherd?

Meredith: No! You got your wedding

Derek: My wedding?

Meredith: Can’t you just be happy that we’re married

Derek: How about a baby?

Meredith: Seriously?

Derek: I want your crappy babies, remember?

Meredith: I didn’t mean straight away

Derek: Why not?

Meredith: Are you serious?

Derek: Yeah

Meredith: You want children?

Derek: Absolutely

[Derek’s pager goes off]

Derek: Got to go

Meredith: Wait!

[Derek runs off as Meredith stands shocked. Cristina by, looks at Meredith and walks back]

Cristina: You OK Mer?

Meredith: Derek wants babies

Cristina: That’s crazy

Meredith: Thank you!

Cristina: Love is stupid anyway

Meredith: You and Owen not doing too good?

Cristina: Oh we’re fine; eventually he’ll pluck up the courage to actually touch me

Meredith: At least he doesn’t want babies

[Cristina’s pager bleeps]

Cristina: It’s my eyelid burn woman

Meredith: Eyelid? Ouch!

Cristina: Her fiancée burnt her with a candle

Meredith: Who said romance was dead?

[Cristina walks off. A woman walks by with a pushchair, Meredith looks at her]

Meredith: Stupid babies

[Cut to the treatment room]

Ray: How are you feeling?

Linda: Over the moon Ray, you should burn me more often

Ray: For god’s sake I was being romantic you bitch!

[Everyone looks shocked]

Cristina: This can wait, there’s a bit of a delay

[They leave]

Linda: Don’t talk to me like that

Ray: I’m sick of you, I try and I try...

Linda: What do you want Ray?

Ray: Compassion! I mean, come on, I proposed to you and all you said was “I guess... now get up you’re embarrassing me”

Linda: Everyone was looking!

Ray: Because that’s what people do when something amazing has happened but not you, I mean, you don’t even want a proper wedding

Linda: Are you still going on about that?

Ray: You never say I love you

Linda: I do!

Ray: You’ve never said it, what are you? An ice queen? I’m surprised those burns haven’t healed already

Linda: Ray...

Ray: I’m sick of you

Linda: Ray, please

Ray: It’s too late now


Ray: What?

Linda: Get help!


[Ray runs into the corridor]


[Cristina rushes in]

Cristina: Can you see this?

[She holds up a pen]

Linda: Everything has gone dark

[Sloan comes in]

Sloan: What happened?

Cristina: Sudden loss of sight

Sloan: We need to remove that dead tissue, has she been using the artificial tears?

Ray: Yes

Sloan: Ma’am the burn to your eyelid may be deeper than we thought. Grey, ring the OR, tell them we’re on our way. You’re going to be fine

[Lexi goes to phone as Sloan walks out, Cristina and the nurses raise the sides of the bed and begin to wheel her out]

Linda: RAY!

[Linda extends her hand, Ray grabs it]

Linda: I love you

Ray: I love you too

[He kisses her forehead as she’s wheeled out. Cut to Meredith at the desk, doing charts. Callie sits next to her]

Meredith: Dr Torres

Callie: Grey

[There is an awkward silence]

Callie: Congratulations on getting married

Meredith: Thanks

Callie: Should we be calling you Meredith Shepherd now?

Meredith: No

Callie: Oh right... it’ll be babies next

Meredith: What is with people and freakin’ babies?!

[Arizona walks over and leans over the desk]

Arizona: I just saved a babies life!

Meredith: I’m out of here

[Arizona and Callie stare at her, confused, as Meredith leaves with her charts]

Arizona: Dinner and a movie tonight?

Callie: Nothing...

Arizona: Fancy, I know. I was thinking Pizza?

Callie: Sounds perfect

[Arizona and Callie kiss. Callie smiles and Arizona walks away. Cut to the treatment room and Linda is back from surgery and Ray is at her bed side. Cristina enters]

Cristina: So the surgery went well from our part. We’re going to take off the bandages and then hopefully, it’ll be a result

[Cristina unravels the bandages from around Linda’s face. She steps back as Linda looks over at Ray]

Linda: I can see you!

[Ray’s eyes fill with tears]

Ray: I’m so sorry

Linda: No, I am

Ray: I love you

Linda: I love you to

[Cristina exits]

Cristina [Narrating]: Weakness... the universal trait. We are all weak in some way. Weak in tackling  a problem face on...

[We see Cristina in the car park, Owen is on the other side, he simply waves]

Cristina [Narrating]: Weak in deciding what you want...

[Meredith and Derek meet in the lobby, they hold hands and Meredith clutches her stomach as they walk out]

Cristina [Narrating]: Which is why we have to embrace the moments when we are strong, when we do what we were committed to doing. That’s when you can truly say... I am strong.

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im too lazy to read all of that!

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I think it's very good. :) Almost resembling the actual show. Keep it up!



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Thanks :)

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that was great

i was wonderin if you are on

if not u should defanitly join

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it's so good


CSI Miami dvd boxset is my favor I like it so much

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