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Just a little something to fill in the gap before George got ran over by the bus. Hope you like :)

[ A house. An elderly blonde lady is on the phone when a familiar face bursts through the door crying ]

Lady: I’ll have to go, i’ll ring you back. Amanda, darling what this time?

Amanda: He dumped me, ma... he dumped me

Lady: Oh honey, but it’s only been a week

Amanda: Thanks for reminding me!

[Amanda’s mom hugs her]

Lady: Oh honey, wipe those eyes... no silly boy is ever worth crying over

Amanda: Don’t you understand? I’m so fed up. Nothing ever goes right for me. I feel like I’m always in the foreground. I want to be somebody! I want to fall in love with someone who loves me back. I want to be someone other than that silly girl who still lives with her Mom

Lady: Darling, fate plays a big part in life

Amanda: Well it seems like my fate is to be alone forever

Lady: Trust me, somewhere out there is your white knight, waiting to rescue his soulmate

[At Seattle Grace, The Chief’s office]

Chief: The Army, seriously?

George: It’s what I want

Chief: Is the programme not good enough for you, O’Malley?

George: It’s not that, sir, because it’s been great here. You know except for the whole LVAD thing and failing my intern exam by one point and my Dad dying and then my rush wedding which was a disaster and now she’s a lesbian..

Chief: O’MALLEY!

George: Yeah, but, anyway it seems right. Y’know? Here I am just in the foreground. Good old reliable George. I want to be remembered as a hero, someone who did something not some loser

Chief: You’re not a loser, O’Malley

George: I want to be someone else, I don’t want to be 007

Chief: 007?

George: It’s a long story, I just know this is the right thing to do and I hope you don’t mind the fact that I am leaving so soon

Chief: O’Malley, if you’re sure I’ll support you 100%

George: I’m sure Chief

Chief: Then I think its best you go home, visit your Mom and prepare yourself. Good luck, O’Malley

George: Thank you Sir

[They shake hands, the hands then change to Amanda’s and a stranger. Her heel has snapped and someone is helping her off the floor]

Amanda: Thank you, guess you’re my white knight

[The stranger is joined by a lady, she kisses him]

Amanda: Or not. Thank you, a real gentleman you’ve got there

[They walk off as Amanda steadies herself by a tree]

Amanda: God, I don’t think my luck can get any worse today

[Seattle Grace, car park. George is walking out. He bumps into Nurse Olivia]

Olivia: Hi

George: Hey, long time no see

Olivia: Yeah, i’ve been working elsewhere; I thought it was best with y’know...

George: Oh I am so over that

Olivia: Oh, good, well... yey!

George: Keep well Olivia

Olivia: Yeah, you too George. See you around?

George: Someday, yeah

[George walks away, Olivia looks confused and walks towards the hospital. George turns around, takes a deep breath and salutes the hospital]

George: 007 has had his final mission

[A street, Amanda is limping down the sidewalk. She stumbles into a shoe shop]

Amanda: I need the cheapest pair of shoes you have, I’m already late for work by...

[She looks at her watch]

Amanda: THREE HOURS?! Oh man...

Attendant: Are these OK?

Amanda: They’re lovely, here’s my card

[The attendant runs the card at the till]

Attendant: Ma’am, your card has been declined

Amanda: Ah typical, pass it here

Attendant: Your bank has instructed me to cut it up

[The attendant cuts it]

Amanda: Excellent. I have my last bit of cash leaving me with ooh, five dollars

[The attendant takes the money, Amanda puts on the shoes]

Amanda: Can you put these in the trash? Thanks

[Amanda slams her old shoes onto the desk and exits the store, she walks along the path into a coffee shop. She queues up. Outside we see George, on his cell]

George: Mom, look, its great news. You’ll be a bit angry at first but it’ll pass. No, I never got married again. Nobody is pregnant... MA! I’ll explain later

[George enters the shop, Amanda is pleading at the desk]

Amanda: I have five dollars. Today I’ve been dumped, fallen over, broke my shoe, had my credit card cut up infront of me and I really, really need coffee

Shop worker: I’m sorry, it’s $6.30 

Amanda: Oh my god! Are you blood suckers or what... I mean...

George: Here

[George hands two dollars over the counter]

Amanda: Thank you

George: No problem. Can I get a coffee to go please?

[Amanda exits the shop and the shop worker makes George his coffee. Out the window we can see that Amanda has stood in dog poop. She throws her hand in the air and starts trying to scrape it up against a wall, people staring at her as they walk past. George’s phone rings]

George: Ma, i’m at a coffee shop. I’m on my way. I’ll tell you when I get there. Ah, i’m leaving now!

[He takes his coffee and exits the shop, Amanda just in front of him. Her cell rings]

Amanda: Rick, is that you? Why are you ringing me? Do you want to get back together? I knew you’d call... WHAT?! YOU’VE MET SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY? WE ONLY JUST BROKE UP! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!

[Amanda hangs up sobbing and begins to dial another number. She walks quicker, towards the end of the sidewalk]

Amanda: Mom, it’s me. He just phoned me and he’s with someone else already...

[She steps onto the road, the light is on red, a bus speeds closer to her]

George: HEY!

Amanda: I can’t believe him. I can’t believe he’d do this. He never loved me. I WANT TO DIE

[George runs through the crowd and onto the road. The bus speeds ever closer and he pushes Amanda out the way, she lands hard on the ground. She looks up and with a gasp the bus slams into George. There are screams as we fade to white.]

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Ugh! I HATE AMANDA!!! Its really good! Favourite quotes is.. "O MALLEY!" I can picture him behind his desk saying all those things!

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I can so see that heppening.  Maybe next year they will have a flash back at how it all happened.  Obviously they don't show the in between before because they want us to all be shocked when they reveal who it was (although I said it was him right away and only 1 person out of the 10 in the room with me agreed that it could be).  Anyhow, good job Joey.

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Haha, thanks guys.

I know it's not strictly grey's and medical but I thought... why not!

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I like your story ^.^ i can see George talking to his mum "No, I never got married again. Nobody is pregnant... " haha

I hope there will be a storyline with this girl...if he doesn't die. but let's be optimistic :)

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See, it is my belief that George will have an Eva/Rebecca face change and be re-cast and then the love of his life will be Amanda.

But yey optimism.

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If they recast George then IMO Grey's will have jumped the shark. You just cannot recast a main character. If they go that route I'll be very upset.

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Completely agree Jessica. If George lives but is recast then it won't be George. Everyone is thinking that he'll end up like Rebecca/Ava but maybe he'll turn out like blow hole. Maybe they'll fix his face but he'll have lots of swelling and bruises and with every episode they'll apply  less whatever they use to make swelling appear and eventually he'll ge good old George!

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you make like the best point ever, ahh, i had it in my mind all the time! lol!

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Since a similar episode has been cut, we'll have to make do with this.

Shame, I would've liked to have seen what happened in his last day.

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Meredith (closing voiceover)

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