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I thought it would be nice to get to know eachother a little more (not in a creepy way, keeping safe haha) and I was wondering what age most of the people are that watch greys. If your comfortable with it, say your age and something small about you (doesnt have to get too personal) :)

im 15 and my favorite color is yellow!

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I'm 13 (almost 14), I love Grey's Anatomy and that pretty much sums up my life but... my favorite colors are blue and purple. 

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Well, I'm a bir older :P I'm 26 and I love Navy blue, dark green and black.

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I'm 17... and I live in Croatia (if you know where it is)...

except Grey's, I also love music and sports... and books (Twilight is now my favourite)...

for everyone who want to talk about grey's- you can send me an e-mail ( I'd love to meet everyone who are crazy about Grey's like me!

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my email is I LOVE talking about Grey's so...

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I'm 20 :-)

At the moment I am living in Australia (Sydney) but I grew up everywhere. My Dad is American though and so is my boyfriend. 

I am a law student and besides Grey's, my hobbies are sport (I play soccer, touch football and rugby), reading, writing, acting and dancing. Oh and to pay my way through school, I work in childcare with the little babies (0-1.5yr olds) which is great fun. 

If any of you want to chat, let me know

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I'm 25 and I'm from the Philippines. =)

I am a nurse. I really love  greys. And I love this site!

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Jessie F.C.P
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Hey. I'm Jessie and currently 14 years old. I live in Malaysia, hope you know where it is! I love Grey's Anatomy a lot, especially McDreamyyyy <33 Nice to meet each and everyone of you :))

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Jessie F.C.P
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Oh yeah, my favourite colours are blue, black, purple and white. I spend half of my day during the weekdays in school and the other half trying to complete my homework and uhh.. during the weekeneds, i'll spend my day thinking of what crap i can do ;) But usually on Saturdays, i'll watch Grey's Anatomy(the newest episodes of Season 5) from the internet because Malaysia has only just finish filming Season 4 of Grey's so it sucks, a lot. Hmmm. I guess that's it?

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Hooked on GA & love Mcdreamy
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well i'm 17 and i live in gemarny...and my nickname is "Isi" =)

actually i don't have to mention that i'm hooked on grey's but i do it anyway :D

my other hobbies are sports (i play handball and in summer also tennis, and sometimes i job) and music ,i couldn't live without it! ...whenever i'm on my pc i listen to music what's really getting on my dad's nerves :D .And i still go to school another 2 years ...

in germany season 5 haven't started yet,too...but i don't enjoy grey's in german so i don't mind ;) i also watch it on the i-net.

@4ever_merder : i know where croatia is...last summer i spent my holydays there it was really great ;) ...where do you live excatly if you don't mind me asking?

(i hope my english isn't so bad *g*)

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