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Chapter 1Tears and rain – James BluntHow I wish I could surrender my soul;Shed the clothes that become my skin;See the liar that burns within my needing.How I wish I'd chosen darkness from cold.How I wish I had screamed out loud,Instead I've found no meaning.I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.Far, far away; find comfort in pain.All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.It's more than just words: it's just tears and rainIt was a rainy Saturday. Addison Montgomery was going to check on one last patient before taking her car and going home if the hotel room where she was living right now could possibly be called home.The day had been very long for her and her intern Alex Karev. The first surgery went all wrong. The patient was a 22 year old woman and she and her husband had always wanted a child. Unfortunately the lazer hadn’t caught one problem with the lungs of the baby and they couldn’t save it. Alex began to blame himself because he was running the labs. Addison tried to explain to him that this wasn’t his fault but she got upset too.It was time to tell to the family the tragic news. Before she went in the room she just stood there for a while watching the happy couple.Alex’s shift had already finished and he was going home. He was in the elevator when he remembered that Addison was probably informing the parents in this moment. He quickly got upstairs and caught her hand just as she walked into the room., Do you want me to tell them?” he whispered in her ear., No thank you I’ll be O.K.” but the desperation in her voice couldn’t make him believe that she didnt need help., I’ll tell them” Alex said confidently and waited for her to nod before he walked into the room.During the time when Alex was explaining to the parents everything Addison couldn’t take it and walked out. She didn’t know what to do. Her life seemed to be fully destroyed. Her job was to save lives and to make other people happy but today she had the feeling that she had brought on for the destroying of another people worlds. She went to the break room and sat on one bed in the corner. She started to think how hard it was going to be to talk with the parents if Alex hadnt replaced her. She was feeling guilty about the death of the child and that thought was torturing her.In the mean time Alex left the married couple with their own pain. When he saw that Addison wasn’t waiting for him outside he tried to find her. He went to the supply closet on this floor and knocked on the door. When nobody called him he opened it. Addison was lying on one of the beds and was watching the attic. When he walked in she didn’t even look to see who was it. She knew that he would come. Alex sat at the bottom of her bed. She turns her look to him and said unexpectedly calm:,How did it go?”He didn’t answer her immediately. Alex didn’t know whether to say the truth or lie. The parents had got very upset., They… they reacted like most people to their place would.”He caught her hand., Are you ok? We can talk if you want.” he suggested softly., Hasnt your shift ended?” questioned after some time Addison. He nodded.,Then go. And thanks for the help. I wouldn’t have been able to get on with… with this.” She said and pulled off her hand from his warm grip., And what are you going to do when your shift ends?” he asked her with concern in his voice that proved her for a hundreth time that the intern wasn’t the person he present himself as, rude and arrogant. She smiled at him., I’ll go to check on Mrs. Lorans and then I’ll go home.”, I’ll go to check on the patient and then I will update you with the information of the latest labs. We can meet at the entrance of the hospital.” He stood up and went out of the room. She followed him with eyes.He run to check the patient and to make sure that everything is fine.After Addie was already alone in the room she thought a little more of Alex’s sweet actions and the fact that maybe he was that careful only with her.She went out and started watching the rain and waiting for Alex.Suddenly she noticed that she had forgotten her cell phone in her office. Addison caught the elevator and saw that Derek was in., I heard that you’ve lost a patient today. I’m sorry.” Derek said compassionately.,Yeah, me too.” replied his ex-wife., If you want to talk with someone…”, No thanks.” She cut him off and walked out. She didn’t want to talk with Derek right now. He made her return to many memories that she needed to cross out of her life and start over.Addison saw Alex who was waiting for her in the corridor.,BP is normal, the blood pressure too. Mrs. Lorans is feeling well and this is the most important thing now, right?” He said with smile.She said ,Thank you, for everything” once more and walked out in the rain. She didnt carry an umbrella and outside was raining downpour. But she didn’t care. Addison just wanted to get in her car and go home. Alex followed her., Hey, dr. Montgomery, wait!” He shouted after her and followed her. She stopped and looked at him in surprise when he held the umbrella over her., Karev stop making such things. I’ll have to thank you for a hundreth time today.” She laughed but in her voice still held sadness.When they started to walk Alex was making sure not one rain drop will touch her. After this decision he was absolutely wet after two minutes. They reached the parking and Addison took out her car keys. Alex had forgotten that she was with car and said confused:, Ok… hm … I’ll go now! I have to go home and…”, Now its your turn. I’ll drive you home. Get in.”, No… thanks. I can go home myself.”, No I’ll drive you!” Addison said imperatively and smiled to him. Hi, I'm Marty and this is the first chapter of my Addiex fanfiction, I'm from Bulgaria and I'm translating it in English so sorry about the mistakes I'll be happy to see your comments and I'll post agin soon
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