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Love in an Elevator- Aerosmith. ya'll know what i mean ;)


If I never see your face again- Maroon 5



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hmmm... I guess most of the Snow Patrol songs remind me of Grey's =P maybe because of Chasing Cars and all... but they all seem so suitable for traumatic situations!

the beginning of one of their songs "You could be happy" even sounds like cosy in the rocket, the theme song grey's abandoned half-way through season 2!

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star mile - joshua radin

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Anything sung by an artist of the Hotel Cafe Tour. I think they all have that in common--songs on Grey's Anatomy. 

I most often think Psapp, however. They have the theme song, "Cosy in the Rocket."

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Well of course "Cosy in the Rocket"! Thats the theme song/it plays in the credits. "Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelson

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ooh! I forgot "The Quest" by Bryn Christopher

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" somwhere only we know" which is also my favorite song :)

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thats funny because 2 of my favorite songs are from Grey's Anatomy 

"The Quest" by Bryn Christopher and "Cosy in the Rocket" by Pssap

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The Quest by Bryn Christopher

Breathe by Taylor Swift (That song was not on Grey's, I don't know why it reminds me of Grey's)

Street lights by Kanye West (Ehem, ehem... :D)

Chasing cars by Snow Patrol

How to save a life (DOn't know the artist)

Reach for me (Kristy Hawkshaw)

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How to save a life is by the Fray

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