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We all have favorite couples on Grey's Anatomy. Now is your chance to share with us why you love the couple you love. My favorite couples are MerDer and Maddison.

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merder merder merder merder merder merderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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My favorite couples are MerDer and Maddison as well! I love their chemistry together.

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My favorite couple is Crowen! They are the main reason why i watch Grey's Anatomy.

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Mine is a tie between Mark and Lexie, and Alex and Izzie(pre-Izzie leaving), lol and of course Izzie and Denny!

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Meredith and Derek all the way. The reason I watch the show :)

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So hard to choose! But if I had to pick, I am with @KristenR1983 and say a tie between Izzie and Denny (but not ghost Denny), and Izzie and Alex before she left him.

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MerDer, Mark and Lexie and Cristina and Owen are my favourite couples and I really want Lexie to get back with Mark...

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My favorite is Callie and Arizona.  The characters are great and the relationship is very believeable.



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My favorite couple is Gizzie ♥ I know that many like them more as best friends, but this is exactly my reason why I love this couple. They are best friends and because of that they are perfect as a couple :) my opinion:)

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