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Your top 5 character and why-

MEREDITH- She rocks my world. I fell in love with her from the first episode. I just adore her. I love dark and twisty Mer. I love happy married Mer. Protective Mer. Any Mer:)

Derek- He's not perfect. He has his flaws. But I love him. He's McDreamy. And him and Mer are amazing together.

Alex- He's so awesome.

Cristina- She rocks.

Jackson- He's badass and so pretty to look at.

*Mark- Oh, and I love Markie too. Mostly as a manwhore, he's so funny. I found him boring this season as a father and grandpa. I loved him more in S2,3 with the whole dirty mistresses club. Him and Mer had an amazing chemistry together (as friends). So sad they don't have any more scenes together. I adore his scenes with Derek. Love their bromance.

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Meredith - love her when dark and twisty or bright and shiny, she holds the show together

Mcdreamy - the name says it all, he's vulnerable which makes him unique but also an amazing surgeon

Christina - part 2 of the dark and twisty sisters, some of the best quotes are from her

Bailey - hilarious and strong but also human, which we only see rare glimpses (her crying). She genuinley cares about the hospital and her people and seriosuly kicks ass.

Alex - evil spawn has always been a faviourite and has not lost his charcter (like izzie completly changed)

Runner up is Mark, just amazing inuendo's, his bromance and how he's grown since his Man whore days

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I cant choose just 5

ok ill try..








and the ones who got voted off the 5 for me.







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Meredith - You need a reason? Fine, she's awesome! Derek & Mark  - McDreamy & McSteamy? Pretty & Prettier? You love them, then hate them, love them a little more, hate them more and then you realize you just love them. Two very undiscovered characters that bring dreaminess and wittiness to this show. More bromance please! Cristina - Again, awesome. Bailey - She's the momma bear of the show. You listen to Bailey! Alex - Because he's Alex.


Runners up: Arizona and Callie. I initially disliked Callie but got to love her in late S3. Arizona was just plain funny since the beginning. Oh and Jackson. Gotta love Jackson.

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Absolute favourite is Meredith, loved her from episode one, then McDreamy - why gosh it's the hair no those sexy eyes, then again it' his smile, Patrick Dempsey all over. Lexie just because, also love Mark. And after all those I absolutely love Bailey she's the bomb.

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My fav 5 are in this order:MEREDITH, the first before of all,Mcdreamy and his smile ,i'm ding while i see him.Cristina is wonderful with Alex and to end Bailey is so much nice.

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My top 5

1.Alex-I mean come one who can't love Alex seriously?

2.Christina-such a badass

3.Izzie (becasue of S6 she moved down for me she used to be my fav)

4.Meredith- I may get bashed for this but Mer turned me off in the beginning and the back and forth between Mer/Der was cute until S4 and then I was like I'm tired of this. I began to like her in S5-S6

5.Bailey-cause she's bailey is there any other explanation?

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1. Meredith

2. Meredith

3. Derek

4. Cristina

5. Alex

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My favourite characters are Owen and Cristina because they are brilliant surgeons and amazing persons.

The other 3 are Mark, Meredith and Alex.

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