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1.callie i hate her 2.teddy why did they bring her to my fave show 3.burke i hated him 4.i used to love izzie but now i can't stand her 5.april
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Rose Rose Rose......omg like she really actually thought she can take mer's place in der's life?? i felt like screaming SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLYYYYYYY?? She was just so dmaned stupid I mean Adi and Mer were like compy both were equally good and subtanceful woman but rose was big fat wtf Der surely was trying to move on too hard thats the reason y he even noticed her to add too she made the fact pretty obvious that she is available Ha

aprilllll...omg falling for McDreamy is okay u cant help it but hating mer or merder?? In season six she gave dager filled looks to mer whenever der went all awey on her and i just hated her in the finale epi ANNOYING

and at times i used to dislike Cristina when she used to come in btw MerDer but not anymore she is mer's person after allllll

and that dixon doc was just eww non existent actually

by the way guys who is AVA? u mean rebecca right? the girl who fell for alex?

oh i dnt like alex much either but he is okay

basically the char should stay away from MerDer and let them be all McDreamyed and i wont hate them HaHa





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1) OWEN!!-too whiny and sad..and didnt do a thing to help christina get over her ptsd..instead he jumps on the chance to get her to marry him??!? wtf

2) Hahn-for obvious reasons

3)The new peds dude..whatever his name is..cant stand him!

4) OWEN- i know i already said him but i just hate this character

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1)Hahn, she always got on my nerves!!!!!

2)Ava, I don't know why I just never really liked her....

3)Burke, sometimes I just couldn't stand the guy....but I always loved his scenes with George, Addison or Derek!!!!

4)Olivia, so annoying!!!!! She gave George syphilis!!!!!!!

5)Thatcher and Ellis....I can't stand Meredith's parents.....

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1) ERICA HAHN - she was a just a mean, unbearable  pain in the Tush. Thank god!! they got rid of her!

2) IZZIE STEVENS - A moronic excuse for a doctor on a show. Cutting lvad wires, putting a patient through unnecessary, expensive & PAINFUL procedures 2 win a contest, almost killing another patient cause she's "emotionally unstable". & IZZIE was just truly the MOST ANNOYING character on grey's, took long enough to get her off the show.

3) ALEX KAREV - mean then nice, then mean again, seriously PICK ONE!



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Least fave Curren Characters:

1. Mer- I know it's unpopular but she never held my interest all that much. I'm not saying she shouldn't be there though. She just never thrilled me.

2. Arizona-I liked her in the beginning. She's gotten progressively worst since then and I wish she went back to having a smaller role in the show. I lost respect for her and she went from being a minor annoyance to being someone I can't stand.

3. Teddy-Although I think her storyline with the patient could be interesting if they dare write for it and take time away from other characters...She doesn't serve a purpose anymore. I don't really understand why she is still there.

4.Lucy- I don't know what it is. I just don't really like her.

5.April- while she has grown on me and had some fun moments. I don't understand why she is still there either. She's not interesting and she's annoying.

Least Fave of Past Characters:

1.Thatcher- I didn't respect his character. You just don't bail and start a new family. You don't.

2. Rose- Actually didn't mind her until she went all psycho towards the end.

3. Sadie-never understood why her character came in to begin with the be honest.

4.Ava/Rebecca- She was interesting at first and then she became this horrible character with no morals.

5. Syph Nurse- yeahhh...eww.

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1.ERICA HAHN! (she was so selfish and her voice was SO annoying-.-)

2.Rose (she had sex with McDreamy,so..!)

3.April Kepner(I really cannot understand why she still on the show-.-)

4.Ava/Rebecca(she was a trouble from the very first scene!)

5.Izzie's interns on S04! (they were so idiots..!!)

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5 LEAST FAVOURITE (in order of least annoying to most annoying)

1.) Hahn.  Although I like the way she treated Yang, her emotional reaction after her and Callie did the dirty was like listening to an intellectually impaired 5 year old whose parents were brother and sister. 'Im soooo gay, ah huh ah huh yokel, Im sooooo gay'

2.) Sadie.  Being Australian Ive grown up watching Melissa George fail after fail in attempting to break into the big time.  As soon as I read her interview after announcing she was on Grey's where she states 'Sadie's a 'free spirit'....' I cried.  I did seriously.

3.) Tucker.  Whiny little biatch

4.) Meredith's Mum.  Up herself, bitch of an oxygen thief. Sooooo glad she's dead.  (really wanted McDreamy to grab a tuft of her hair and slam the back of her head into the bed-stand while she was ordering him to get her some water)

5.) Yang.  For some reason whenever I see her I want to go and punch the closest Asian person in the nose.


Other notables are: Meredith's dad, Meredith herself, George (whiny little biatch like Tucker), any patient who yells at the doctors while theyre trying to save their lives, that hunchback kid that Izzie pays to get her back fixed, the black chick and her bf (Tommy from True Blood) who both have the brain tumours, Ava (psycho psycho), and god Im really starting to dislike this show.

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Oh yeah and Izzie's interns from S04 as well.  They all won the 'kicked-in cabbage look-a-like award' for ugliness

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Hahn Burke Thatcher Ava Dr stark (no order) but I absolutely hate the guy who plays Burke!! He's such a homophobe
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