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i am so tired of shit happening to Mer, that girl needs a break majorly. how much crap can one girl take and it almost feels like recycling old SLs: Miscarriage - check hormonal complications - check difficult pregnancy - check (with Callie) pregnant attending from hell - check (with Bailey) as for the crap that already happened to Mer over the course of 9 seasons, don't even get me started! (mother from hell with Alzheimer, falling in love and that turning out to be a difficult relationship and then being betrayed, attempted suicide, miscarriage, watching her husband being shot, thinking he died, not being able o have kids, going through adoption, almost loosing her child, plane crash, almost being fired, loosing George, change in her surgical major etc) honestly! give her a break!oh and the whole father debacle, hating him then giving him her liver and being stuck with a sister she didn't want, opening up to her, loving her and loosing her, Alex betraying her.... geese that girl had enough crap to last her ten lifetimes!!

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