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Hi! I'm trying to find the name of the soft piano melody, no words, witch plays before this lines:

2x05DEREK: Meredith.MEREDITH: Shut up. You say Meredith and I yell remember?

2x09DEREK: You know today in the waiting room, how did you know Cheryl was Holden’s wife?MEREDITH: Waiting rooms are full of people hoping for good news. She was the only one who liked she had completely given up.

3x01DEREK: Hi.MEREDITH: Hi. DEREK: Ah I was gonna come over this morning but ah …MEREDITH: I heard. The quarantine.

Can you help me? Thanks!


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Yeah, I wondered that too... In fact, this melody plays in background of many episodes... So, if anyone knows- Mari and I would like to know which song is it.

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i would also love it it's amazing and plays at many merder  scenes

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I checked google and music guides, but I havent found the name. It could be just something they made or someone made just for greys, I dont know but good luck with finding it I hope someone does!

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I checked google too. Still looking! I hope we can find it! :)

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I would love to know the name of the song as well. It plays quite a bit in my favorite episodes--the premier of season 3, and in season 4 in The Becoming. Wherever I look, it says that it is background music composed for the show. I'm sure I could figure it out on the piano, but I'd really like to know the title if there is one.

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Good to here this. Are you good in playing piano or any instruments? Just curious about it. Thank yoi.

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Is this the same music from when Derek tells Meredith that she should date Finn instead of him after the appendectomy?

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Hi everyone, I just uploaded a sample from the piano-song I think we're all looking for. Maybe this will help us find the name of the song.


Check out think link and download my 1:40 minute clip from an episode:



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that's not the one i'm looking for..the one I want to find is playing when she is giving her pick me choose me love me...and all the other places that Mari said. I'm still searching!

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