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little pieces - gomez is now available on iTunes!

thank god lol.


and does anyone know what episode fix you by coldplay is in? i knew i had heard it on greys before, but then when i looked in the music guides, it never showed up...i was just wondering if someone could help me out.

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little pieces is a good song :)

i cant find what episode fix you is in either!

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Sia - Breathe me [I could have sworn I heard it on a Grey's episode,but when I searched the music guide it wasn't on there .. After that I realised that in fact I saw it on youtube on a Grey's video haha :)) ]

Staind - Outside

Jack's Mannequin - Lonely for her

The Fray - You found me [but I think all of their songs are great and many of them match the Grey's atmosphere]

Snow Patrol - Crack the shutters

Taylor Swift - Love Story [I agree with you,all of the above, it is an awesome song]

Goo Goo Dolls - Sympathy

Coldplay - Fix You, Violet Hill.

Well, these were a few songs I like :) Actually, my whole playlist is composed mostly by songs that were featured on Grey's, but if I am not wrong,these weren't :]





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Oh yay we agree on love story:d they might put it at the marriage or a honeymoon we can stilll wish and also the songs


viva la vida by coldplay


everytime we toche by cascada


I hate this part right here by the pussy cat dolls

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loves greys -

did you find what episode fix you is in yet?! its bugging me lol. i always thought it was in an episode...maybe i'm just imagining! 

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dinofigg :) i dont think it is, its not in any of the music guides and nobody has said anything about it on here, but i definately thought it was in an episode too! it sounds like it would be lol

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Dinofigg and lovesgreys, there are several videos on Youtube with Fix You as the song in the background, maybe you are getting it confused with that?  I do that sometimes, think a song was in an episode, but really it was on a youtube Grey's montage someone made.


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lovesgreys - i think you're right. that song sounds like it belongs somewhere in this season!

marriedmymcdreamy - i agree...i'm probably just confusing the two. it's such a perfect song for this show!

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love story is the most amazin song agree wit all u guys, could listen to it 4eva

look after you-the fray

the scientist-coldplay

before its too late-goo goo dolls

beautiful mess-jason mraz

slow dancing in a burning room-john mayer

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Aw, I really agree with most of these songs, like beautiful mess - jason mraz and they'll never know - ross copperman. How ever, I would kill myself if I ever heard The Pussycat Dolls on Grey's. Just my opinion. 


Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

Maria Mena - Just Hold Me

Ida Maria - When It Comes To You, I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

DC Talk - Existence

Leigh Nash - Along The Wall

James Morrison - Broken Strings, You Make It Real For Me

Coldplay - Violet Hill, Clocks, 42, Shiver

Missy Higgins - Forgive Me, Scar

Jack's Mannequin - I'm Ready

Lifehouse - The Joke

Butterfly Boucher - Never Leave Your Heart Alone

One Republic - Stop Stare

The Veronicas - Untouched

The Killers - Mr.Brightside, Bones

Calvin Harris - The Girls

Yoav - Adore, Adore

Michael Bublé - Everything, Home


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