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Meredith 25/25 (we need to see more of our main character!!!) 

Alex 25/25 (gotta love good ol' alex, he tells it like it is)

Cristina 25/25 (when shes on her game, shes the best)

(izzie) 24/25 (minus one for being a bitch near her departure)

(george) 25/25 (i wish they could revive him from the dead

(burke) 25/25 (i truly miss him, now that george is gone i wish he could come back)

(addison) 25/25 (screw pp, BRING HER BACK TO GREYS)

bailey 25/25 (simply adorable.)

derek 25/25 (love him, now that hes no longer chief :) )

chief 23/25 (hes the boss. nuff said.)

callie 4/20 (i used to LOVE HER in seaon 2 and 3, now, her storyline and her character is worse than an infection).

mark 7/20 (i used to like him back in the day, now not so much, he seems so desperate)

lexie 15/20 (i like her.)

april 3/20 (one word: annoying)

jackson 5/20 (he coud be useful, but he never gets a decent storyling)

teddy -100/20 (GET HER OUTTA THERE, she dont belong!)

owen 11/20 (hes alright, im warming up to the idea of him)

arizona -100/20 (hate her so much, get her and her annoying storyline the hell off this show)


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Meredith: 24/25, loved her sincee the beginning and still do

Alex : 25/25, MY FAVORITE

Cristina: 24/25, except for season 7 when she had her breakdown, shes so great

Izzie: 25/25, my absolute favorite character on any show ever. miss her soooo much!

george : 25/25, miss him times a million!

burke : 25/25, but like can they bring him back?

addison: 25/25, can she come back to seattle please?!

bailey :24/25, shes too funny!

derek : 23/25, hes such a cute character!

chief : 22/25, how can you not love the chief

callie : 10/20, she was awesome in seasons 2-4, but after that I really cannot stand her

mark : 2/20, he used to be soo funny in season 3, after that SO DAMN ANNOYING

lexie : 17/20, when shes not with mark I LOVE HER

april : 6/20, kinda annoying

jackson : 14/20, he has the potential to be an interesting character..he just needs a storyline first

teddy : 12/20, loved her in season 6,now so annoying


arizona : 3/20, she was better in africa

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Meredith: 25/25: I loved dark and twisty meredith and love the new bright and shiny meredith. She's the one that holds this show together.

Cristina: 25/25: shes hilarious and i love her scenes with meredith

Derek: 25/25: McDreamy melts my heart every time i see him....enough said

Bailey: 24/25: I love Bailey and think that she is an amazing character...but i wish she would go back to her tough as nails Nazi roots.

Izzie: 24/25 : The season 2 finale made me fall in love with izzie and she is def missed

Alex: 24/25: I love Alexander Michael Karev. He has grown into a really sweet man and fantastic doctor

Addison Montgomery 23/25: i miss addison so much. she added some much needed humor to the show and i loved her interactions w/ der mer and mark

George O'Malley 23/25: I love georgie an his death was one of the shows saddest departures...he will always be a major part of this show

Lexie Grey 23/25: She has really grown on me but seriously who doesnt love lexipedia

Callie TOrres 22/25: i was kinda impartial towards callie at first but now i absolutely love her more and more after each episode

Mark Sloan 22/25: i love my man whore

Preston Burke: 21/25: burke needs to come back to greys asap....he was fantastic with cristina and i miss him dearly

Arizona RObbins 21/25: Arizona is a great addition to greys but what can i say....i love the originals

Richard Webber 20/25: hes the chief....end of story

Jackson Avery: 17/25: hes one hell of a man and he did save mcdreamys life but he still needs some type of stroyline before i become a major fan

Owen Hunt: 17/25: I really dont like hime with Cristina but he's alright....truthfully he has started to grow so i could see this rating growing in the future

Teddy Altman: 16/25: teddy teddy teddy... all i have tosay is that this rating will drop if you start cutting LVADs

April 15/25: If you asked me my opinion on april last season it would have been negative 25 but she has really grown on me but im still not sure about her 

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Cristina 25/25

Bailey 25/25

Alex 25/25

Mark 25/25

Callie 25/25

Richard 25/25

Derek 24/25

Meredith 24/25

Owen 24/25

Teddy 24/25

Lexie 20/20

Arizona 15/20

April 15/20

Jackson 10/20


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Arizona Robbins-25/25

Callie Torres-22/25

Lexie Grey-25/25

Cristina Yang-25/25

Miranda Bailey-22/25

Alex Karev-25/25

Meredith Grey-15/25

Derek Shepherd-15/25

Addison Montgomery-20/25

Teddy Altman-20/25

April Kepner-22/25

Lucy Fields-20/25

Chief Webber-15/25

Owen Hunt-10/25

Mark Sloan-1/25

Phil Stark-10/25

Jackson Avery-1/25

Adele Webber-1/25

Nurse Eli-1/25

Joe The Bartender-15/25


A very loyal Calzona  & GA's fan.  

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April Kepner 12/25 she is annoying

Cristina Yang 2/25 baby killer and owen dream killer

Owen Hunt 20/25 Cristinas baby daddy hopefully and he is a man in uniform for the army hot!

Jackson Avery 17/25 brave what he did for the chief

Lexie Grey 20/25 get over mark already or get with him little grey

Meredith Grey-Sheperd 25/25 one half of my fav couple and zolas new mama

Derek Sheperd 25/25 the second half and zolas daddy

Alex Karev 20/25 dont like his character too snotty but he is hot sort of

Caloipe (Callie) Torrez 25/25 one hot mama literally she is so sassy too which is hott

Arizona Robbins- cute but bitchy so 14/25

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Sylvia Williams
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Derek 0/25

Álex 25/25

Meredith 20/25

Sloan 21/25

Owen 10/25

Miranda 25/25

Christina 25/25

Richard 20/25

Avery 10/25

Callie 2525

Teddy 22/25

Arizona 25/25

April 18/25

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Derek 20/25

Álex 18/25

Meredith 20/25

Sloan 20/25

Owen 16/25 - dropped after his behaviour this finale!

Miranda 24/25

Christina 25/25

Richard 15/25

Avery 14/25

Lexie 19/25

Callie 999999999/25

Teddy 14/25

Arizona 19/25

April 18/25

Sorry, cannot contain my love for Sara Ramirez

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