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Who do you guys think Alex will end up with?

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I have no idea but it better be someone who will love him,take care of him and NEVER leave him (I'm always gonna love him with Izzie but I don't think KH is coming back) I do like the idea of him and the new OB though........ let's see what happens

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From the current characters I can't really imagine any of them with Alex but I guess we'll have to see. I think the new OB could be promising for him though. I just feel that whoever Alex's next romantic relationship will be with, it should be for the long run. He deserves it.

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I am with; sofilove123. I can only see him with Izzie.

But I really felt his chemistry with Lexie, but she is back with Mark now. I can see him with April. Mainly because she is single, he is single and she had a crush on him, and they almost got it on before he verbally abused her.

And with Shonda saying that 14 is her cast limit and she won't add anyone in, I don't see him being with the the OB/GYN for long - if there is a hook up at all though.

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I could imagine that Shonda will have him unhappy and Single until the end, maybe there will be one or two short realatioship that will either end with the ass Alex ( like with Addison) or it will just go nowhere (like with Lexie) and then for Justins two or three last episodes she will try to get KH to guest star and they wil get together finally, after all she said that these two would be endgame.

I could imagine it like this, but I wouldn't be happy about it, but I don't think Shonda know what to do with Alex now that Izzie is away. Sometimes I wish Mer or Christina would be my favourite, they get at least screentime almost every episode and a reasonably good storyline.

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 I think shonda is going keep him single for the fun of it

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I think that he won't find his "happily ever after" for a long time, too. Like he said himself.

And I hate it. I don't care what people say, but for me Alex has had the hardest life, by far. I mean...Mers wasn't easy, sue, she was abandoned and treated like crap by her own mother, father and later Derek, Izzie grew up in a trailerpark, Derek and Christina saw theit Dads die, this are all very bad childhoods, but Alex had an alcoholic, drug addicted father, whom he had to take watch out for since he was seven who was also absusive ( maybe even to him), a shizophrenic mother who he had to take care of ( who was suicidal?), a little brother and a little sister who he had to take care of like a parent, he stole for them, landed in juvie, became a forster child in 17 homes and even if he did all this, the people in his childhood told him that he was a screm up and would never bring it eo anything.

Then when he finally became a doctor his girfriend breaks up with him over an almost dead guy, and she did it the crulest possible way ( your not good enough for me, your not good enough for anyone...), I think that was way more cruel than everything he ever said (except the April thing maybe), then nis next girfriend has a histerical pregnany and tries to kill herself, his next girfriend, later wife, gets cancer and dies in his arms and she survives, but leaves him only weeks later, then he gets shot and almost dies... 

So much crap to one guy it is too much ask that he will get to be happy for one whole season, I don't think so but Shonda seems to think otherwise , sadly.

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thanks for lotte who made the well painted picture of alex's life. for all the crap he had to overcome and slowly learning to become a good man, i can see him potentially becoming chief of surgery in the far future... with that said... i think he should be given a seriously relationship with either someone new or a current character for a long while to only eventually not working out ...then when it gets closer to the series finally, izzie comes back and they realize they are perfect for each other.... remember his line to her when they were together and she was seeing dead denny...something like, "i think i can be a great doctor and that so so said i could even become chief one day but i don't want to do it without out, i want you there with me, etc etc...." lol those are definitely not the words he said but im sure you know what i mean... haha...that scene was so cute because he actually had passion for love, life, and his career at that time.....

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Izzie:). I would love to see her return, If she never returns I kinda wish the writers would of just made her die.. At least we would of got closure! 

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I hope they will make Katherine back.

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