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I've already posted but I'm changing


1. Meredith and Derek!!!!!<3<3... best couple ever in the history of TV!

2. Alex and Izzy

3. Mark and Callie

4. Christina and Owen

5. Izzy and Denny (Season 2)

Honorable Mentions: Addison and Mark, Christina and Burke

Hate: Alex and Ava/Rebecca, Addison and Derek, Derek and Rose(that made me puke), Mark and Lexie


Meredith and Christina

Addison and Callie

Derek and Mark (-the fight)

George and Izzy

Derek and Bailey (earlier seasons more)

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oh now I know what forgot...

Derek and Rose ...I agree with you...this relationship was really annoying!

- Friendships:

Meredith & Cristina

Derek & Mark

Izzie & George

Alex & Meredith

Callie & Mark

Addison & Callie

Bailey & Derek

(Bailey & Addison)

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But seriously, I winced/wince every time I saw/see Derek with Rose. It's obvious he was using her to make Meredith hurry up on the being scared.

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1) MerDer (pretty obivious) 2) Christina + Owen 3) Callie + Mark 4) George + Lexie 5) Christina + Burke 6) Izzie + Alex 7) Callie + Erica 8) Izzie + Denny 9) Derek + Addison 10)Geogre + Izzie (all wrong)
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dunno why ma post has cum out dat way :(

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My faves:

1.) DerMer

2.) Cristina and Owen

3.) Izzie and Denny

4.) Mark and Lexie

5.) Izzie and George

6.) Burke and Cristina

7.) Callie and Arizona

8.) Izzie and Alex

9.) Richard and Adele

10.) Mark and Addison

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The BEST: Cristina and Owen, NO DOUBT!

The WORST: Lexie And Mark. *PUKE*


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1: Christina and Owen

2: Meredith and Derek

3: Callie and Arizona (Loving it so far)

4: The chief and Merediths Mom (The journal entries are almost as good as seeing something)

5: Mark and Lexie (Yeah I know, you can line up to shoot me later)

6: Alex and his psycho :P

7: Izzie and Denny

8: Callie and Erica

9: Derek and his hair

10: Izzie and Alex


Worst: Derek and Rose (Even though it was brief.)

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1. Callie and Erica

2. Callie and Arizona

3. Derek and Addison

4. Izzie and Denny

5. Cristina and Burke

6. George and Lexie

7. Mark and Lexie

8. Mark and Addison

9. Izzie and Alex

10. Cristina and Owen

I absoutely hate meredith grey and I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate MerDer. Worst couple in my opinion.

And Mark and Callie would never work.

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WHAT? Is it humanly possible to hate MerDer? I don't believe it is... I actually get physically sick when I see Derek even talking to Rose or kissing Addison.

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