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1. Meredith/Derek

2. Christina/Meredith

3. Christina/Owen

4. Alex/Izzie

5. Addison/Mark

6. Izzy/Denny (when Denny was alive)

7. George/Izzie (as friends)

8. Christina/Bruke

9. Callie/Arizona

10. Adele/Richard


1. Derek/Rose

2. Alex/Ava

3. Erica/Callie

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1. christina -burk

2. merder

3. christina -owen

4. derek -addison

5. richard -adele

6. lexie -mark

7. mark and callie hook ups

8. when mark tried to get with christina..............hilarious

9. izzie -alex

10. addison -alex

the rest arent even worth mentionin cause they chemistry watsoever looks lik ppl actin to pay their bills

and ppl could put merder in front of burtina come on..............

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1- Callie and Arizona (So freakin cute when they are actually on screen together.

2- Cristina and Owen (Give her a happy ending Shonda!)

3- Alex and Addison (It was fun while it lasted)

4- Mark and Lexie (They are really growing on me)

5- Joe and Walter (The looks on their faces when the chief asked to share a tent with them. Classic)

6- Izzie and Alex (As much as I dislike the characters, they go well together. Both pompous asses.)

7- Meredith and Derek (Not higher on my list because I just don't like them. Sorry)

9- Richard and Adele (You totally know who wears the pants in that relationship.)

10 - Cristina and Burke (I think he really cared at one point.)


Friendship mentions:

Bailey and Arizona! (It is so awesome watching Bailey actually find a friend, or rather someone who seems to understand her)

Callie and Mark (Much better as friends than as a couple. In my opinion anyway)

Meredith and Cristina (Takes a strong woman to be able to talk to Meredith and not want to beat her over the head with a mallet. Takes a superwoman to do it every day.)

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1. Alex and Izzie

2. Meredith and Derek

3. Mark and Lexie

4. Izzie and Denny

5. Derek and Addison

6. Christina and Owen

7. Christina and Burke

8. Callie and Arizona (callie has become a little annoying in this last season)

9. Addison and Alex

10. Callie and George


As for most hated:

REBECCA/AVA and ALEX. Horibble. She was crazyy

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1. Izzie/Denny

2. Alex/Izzie

3. Meredith/Derek

4. Christina/Owen

5. Mark/Callie

6. Addison/Mark

7. Bailey/Tucker

8. Christina/Burke

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i think my top couples are...

1off course.. merder...

2 izzie and denny

3 cristina and burke

4 cristina and owen

5izzie and alex

that's all.. derek and Addison just don't.. 'cause derek is made for meredith.. that's what a think...


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Love -

1. Meredith and Derek.  Of course. <3

2. Lexie and Mark

3. Christina and Owen

4. Christina and Burke

5. Alex and Addison was adorable! For the one kiss it lasted :P

6. I just love Addie so much that I have to include Addison and Derek. I mean come on, you can't say that shower sex scene in the trailer wasn't hot!

7. After this last episode, Alex and Izzie should be higher up on this list, but I'm too lazy to change the numbers.

8. Mark and Callie

9. The Chief and Adele

10. George and Olivia :) They were cute!

Hate -

1. Izzie and George. IMO, they're just meant to be best friends.

2. Mer and Finn. I just couldn't understand how anyone could ever consider not being with McDreamy!




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1, Cristina & Owen (!!!)

2. Alex & Izzie

3. Cristina & Burke

4. George & Izzie (well, this couldn't work, but they were really cute)

5. Alex & Ava (before she went crazy)

6. Mer & Der

7. Mer & Fin

8. Callie & Arizona

9. George & Olivia

10. Chief & Adele

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luv the couple

1. alex and izzie (after the last couple episode)

2. merder

3. mark and lexie

4. owen and christina



luv their friendship:

1. mer and christina

2. gizzie

3.alex and mer

4. mark and callie


hate this couple:

1. derek and rose

2. alex and rebecca

3. izzie and denny(in season 5)






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My top 10 -

1. Meredith and Derek - even when they weren't together you could see how it pained them to be apart and they love each other and have great chemistry.  They have really grown up together too. 

2. Meredith and Cristina - their friendship and their funny little chats is one of my favorite things about the show.  I hated when they were fighting almost as much as I hated it when Derek and Mer were broken up.

3. Callie and Mark - as friends or as friends with benefits, I love the chemistry between these two.

4. George and Izzie's friendship (their relationship was just ok, but mostly only ok because it was written to be awkward and not work),  Their friendship is beautiful.  I cried SO hard when he helped her down the aisle.

5. Izzie and Denny (season 2) - so sweet and flirty and adorable and oh so tragic!

6.  Meredith and Mark - I love the dirty mistresses club.  And, I always felt like Mark was pulling for Meredith to get Derek.  He was on her side and have her little tidbits of information to make her know Derek loved her even when she wasn't sure.

7.  Cristina and Owen.  I see more love from Cristina for Owen than I ever did with her and Burke.  With Burke, sometimes it seemed forced.  Maybe Sandra Oh just has better chemistry with Kevin McKidd, but they seem to work better for me.

8.  Alex and Meredith friendship.  I loved it that Mer was Alex's best "man".  They can see eye to eye sometimes when others don't get them.  THey have always put up with each other and supported each other even if they didn't always like each other.

9. Bailey and the interns/residents - she is Mama Bear and they are her cubs.  I especially love how she has stood by Izzie like a protector and healer during her illness.

10.  The Chief and Meredith.  After the "I'm so sorry" scene, I love their father/daughter relationship even more.  I always felt like he was more a father figure for her than her own dad ever was, and secretly hope we find out he really is her dad.  It's tv, anything could happen! 


relationships I hated

Derek and Rose - YUCK YUCK YUCK

Erica and Callie - I just didn't like Erica at all, so it didn't matter who she was with I wouldn't have liked her ( very much prefer Callie with Arizona)

Erica and Cristina - I hated watching Cristina fall all over herself trying to please Hahn, and Hahn treating her like crap

Alex and Ava/Rebecca - especially at the end of Season 4, but I never really liked it

Sadie and Meredith - weird and awkward friendship.  While I could believe they maybe at one time were friends, it was obvious that it was not a connection they still held.

Sadie and Lexie - Lexie is too smart to get involved in something like that

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