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We need lives? OK...and emotional? Dude, you need a life. We all are here for the same reason.


Viper should come back. Jealous Derek was hot.

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1-alex and izzie


3-mark and lexie

4-alex and lexie

5-christina and burke

6-christina and owen

7-izzie and denny

8-mark and callie

9-callie and arizona(hate them)

10-mark and adison

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 1.Meredith and Derek

 2.Cristina and Burke

 3.Mark and Lexie

 4.Alex and Izzie

 5.George and Callie

 6.Denny and Izzie

 7.Callie and Arizona

oh,and,I hate Cristina and Owen :|


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1. Alex and Izzie

2. Meredith and derek

3. Cristina and burke

After these three, there is no particular order.

George and lexie (too bad that went absolutly nowhere), Callie and Arizona, Mark and addison

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Okay, so I know this list is really weird and not popular but still. I LOVE it!

1. Addison/Derek. HEY! They were a wonderful couple besides the whole cheating part.

2. George/Lexie

3. George/Izzie

4. Teddy/Mark ;D

5. Alex/Meredith. Calm down, it could SOOO happen if the #1 happens again. I heard that another crossover will happen so who knows!!

6. Callie/Mark

7. Cristina/Owen


- Mer/Der. Common? Seriously, Shonda you missed the wonderfulness of Addek.

- Alex/Izzie. Don't judge me, i just don't like 'em.


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Top 10 couples

1. Alex and Izzie (They are my favorite couple of all time and I'm so devastated that they're done... I hope they'll get together again!!! )

2. Derek and Meredith

3. Mark and Addison

4. Owen and Christina

5. Callie and Arizona

6. Mark and Callie

7. Burke and Christina

8. Mark and Lexie

9. George and Lexie (I really liked them and thought they had true potentials but..never happened for real)

10. Alex and Addison

Couples that I HATE

George and Izzie

Alex and Ava

Denny and Izzie (in season 5)

Callie and Erica

Top 10 friendships

1. Alex and Meredith (Loved them since the very begining)

2. George and Izzie (amazing friendship, awful love story)

3. Meredith and Christina

4. Derek and Mark

5. George and Alex (I know they are not really friends but I always liked them together)

6. Addison and Callie

7. Bailey and Richard

8. George and Owen

9. Christina and Izzie

10. Burke and Derek

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1. Izzie/Denny

2. Izzie/Alex

3. Mark/Lexie

4. Arizona/Callie

5. George/Lexie

6. Bailey/Ben

7. Meredith/Derek

8. Mark/Callie


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mer and finn!

1. Mer and Finn! (obviously)

2. Mer and George

3. Rose and Derek

4. Addy and Derek

5. Callie and George

6. Alex and Addy

7. Ava and Alex

8. Lexie and Alex

9. Izzie and George

10. Teddy and Mark (LLOOVEE them)


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In no particular order:








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#1: Meredith and Derek

#2: Alex and Izzie

#3: Callie and Arizona

#4: Mark and Lexi

#5: Bailey and Tucker

#6: Cristina and Owen

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