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OK ppl seriously MerDer is the base of Grey's Anatomy.

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Yes, they are base, but I guess Im not a fan of them.

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Okay here goes nothing...........

1.Alex and Izzie...............Really good together.The fact Alex is still alive is a huge plus.

2.Burke and Cristana.............Hilarious.And some of the best acting from this show.

3.Addison and Derek.............Sorry,but these guys were a great looking couple.

4.Derek and Meredith..............Better now than in earlier seasons.

5.Izzie and Denny...........Cute.

Thats it.For the ones I hate....

1.George and Izzie.............Painful,reducded Heigl to grovelling.

2.Ava and Alex............She waqs way too Robotic.

3.Mcsteamy and everyone..............Don't like him.

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1. merder

2.cristina and burke

3. Derek and mark ( friends)

4. Meredith and cristina (friends)

5. George and Izzie (friends)

6. Izzie and denny (season 2)

7. Bailey and Tucker

8. Callie and Mark

9.Lexie and George (friends)

10. Cristina and owen


Alex and Ava

Izzie and Denny (season 5)

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Ummm definitely....


2)Callie and Sloan (get together already!)

3)Denny and Izzie

4)Christina and Burke

5)Addison and Sloan

6)Izzie and Alex

7)George and Lexie

8)Ellis and Richard

9)Christina and Owen

10) Derek and Sloan (Bromance people! They are hilarious!)


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My newest answer:

1. MerDer

2. Callie and Sloan 

3. Alex and Izzie 

4.Christina and Burke 

Don't like-

Alex and Ava

Addison and Derek

Christina and Owen

The rest i have no real opinion on.



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1. Cristina and Mer --> i like their small talk.

2. Cristina and Owen ---> real, honest relationship..

3. Alex and Izzie ---> love the moment when Alex cheated, but Izzie still helped him studying the exam, and when Alex asked why Izzie is helping, she shouted ('cause that's what freaking Jesus'd do!)

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Honestly, Mer/Der Is... oh my gassh.. so predictable.. c'mon writers! Is that all you've got?

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yeah they're the best but the writers arent writing well for their chemestry!

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