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1. Callie + George

2. Christina + Burke

3. Olivia + George

4. Adison + derek

5. Derek + Meredith

6. Meredith + (hmm forgot his name, McVet)

7. Richard + Alice (if it ever happend)

8. Alex + no1, he deserves NO1

9. Sloan + Adison

10. Meredith + broken penis guy lol

Ones i dont like



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Its Ellis NOT Alice! 

Whos NO1???

Seriously? Meredith and Broken Penis guy????

MerDer is first! Callie and George sucked! George just married her because his dad died. HE SAID THAT! 

McVet is Finn and she never really liked him. They never even had sex!

Olivia and George went on for like 2 episodes! She gave him syphillis! 

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Mrs. Dempsey
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1. meredith derek

2. izzie denny

3. addison mark

4. izzie alex

5. mark callie

6. george callie

7. cristina burke

8. addison alex

9. meredith finn

10. thatcher susan

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meh, ellis/ Alice same thing. MerDer is and was never any good, they dont even suit each other, they are just the 2 main charaters. plus with Finn, a relationship isnt built on Sex, that is what was so good about them, because he was patient and he didnt need Sex to make a good relationship, but meredith, being meredith chose the one that needed sex nothing else.... although she gave him sif and it was 2 eps, Olivia was AWSOME, i <3 her, dont liek how she slept with Alex twice though, bad judgement.


and callie and george suck??????? u shud just go die in a hole!!! (joking) dont even get me started!!

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Yes the Callie and George relationship DID suck.  We watched George HURT Callie leading her to believe that he was in love with her when really he was distraught by his father dying.  He married Callie because his father loved her.  THEN we watched George screw around with Izzie and Callie was devistated by that, so I'm not sure how you can say that was one of the 10 best relationships on Greys. OH, and their relationship was built on sex, too, if you recall correctly.

Derek and Meredith doesn't suit one another?  Did you even watch season 4 and the clinical trial?  The compliment each other very well and who the hell could possibly NOT want to have sex with McDreamy?!?!?!?  AND Meredith chose Derek over Finn because she is IN LOVE WITH DEREK!!  At least give her the credit of not staying with Finn and ending it because she didn't want to hurt him.

**greysanatomyismylife - move over in that hole because I'm coming in, too.

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Thanks merderforlife Thanks for the back up! Meredith DID choose Derek. Although it took him a while-because he's a great guy-to end his mariadge he chose Meredith! They do so work well together! They are a Dream team! Hopefully soon to be "Drs/Ms and Mr Shepherd!

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I agree with everything greysanatomyismylife and merderforlife saaid.... George and Caillie were a really bad couple! HE DID NOT LOVE HER!!! and Mer and Der don't suit each other?! WTF? that's BS!!! sorry I just don't like when ppl talk like that about my fav couple ever :P

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Same here they're the only couple who have always loved e/o!

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sighhhh, u guys faill!!, how cud u not liek george + Callie, that was when george was the happiest after him liking meredith then meredith treating him like shit. and with the clinical trial, she had to perswade derek to do it, then he wanted to stop but yet again Meredith perswaded him to keep going, there was nothing about that, that proved they were good for each other.

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I like Callie and I like George, but not them together.  And Meredith did not treat George like shit, she just didn't want to have sex with him.  She apologized to him several times about it and HE'S the one that acted immature. 

Derek's a big boy.  If he wanted to quit the clinical trial he would have.  Meredith didnt' PERSUADE him to do anything.

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