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wat ever! that would have no point then

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1.- addison and mark

2.- alex and izzie

3.- derek and meredith

4.- derek and mark (friendship)

5.- meredith and alex (friendship)

6.- mark and callie (friendship)

7.- addison and derek

8.- addison and alex

9.- meredith and cristina (friendship)

10.- izzie and george (frienship)

honorable mentions: (in order)

callie and addison (friendship)

owen and cristina

george and lexie

izzie and denny (before dying)

cristina and burke

richard and ellis

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love addison and callie friendship.. i miss that
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ok you guys will probably not agree with me...others will want to jump at my throat...but my fav couple is Addison-Derek, hands down (that is, for me!) i think Addison is SUPER HOT!!! sorry for any offence caused...

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personally my fav couple is alex/izzie, but of course merder is amazing so: 

1. merder

2. alex/izzie

3. mark/addison

4. izzie/denny (before he died!)

5. mark/callie

6. mark/lexie

  7. george/lexie


hmmmmmmm it is a tough question, so that's it.

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not a bad list

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i didn't like Addison and Derek together on GA but knowing them i think they would be great together if Addison didn't cheat on Derek with Mark and Derek never knew Meredith.. since it all happened they are better apart..

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OK, so I have to give my list:


1 - Meredith & Derek

2 - George & Izzie

3 - Izzie & Denny

4 - Mark & Derek (OK, obviously not a romatic one, but they are just too great together!)

5 - Addison & Mark

6 - Mark & Callie

7 - Alex & Ava (b/f she ever left the hospital, only)

8 - Cristina & Burke


That's about as far as I can go.  But it REALLY SHOULD say:

1 - MerDer

2 - MerDer

3 - George & Izzie

4 - George & Izzie

5 - George & Izzie

6- MerDer

7 - George & Izzie

8 - George & Izzie

9 - MerDer

10 - Izzie & Denny


Like it or not, that's really how I feel on the subject!!!!  :)


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Here's my list ~

Meredith and Derek

Cristina and Meredith (as besties)

Izzie and Denny (not now, but when he was alive)

Cristina and Burke

Izzie and Alex

Izzie and George (as besties)

Cristina and Owen (yet to see where this goes, but good chemistry)

Callie and Mark (whatever that was!)

Derek and Mark (as besties)

I can't think up a 10th!  Dis-honourable mentions to;

George and Callie; Alex and Rebecca; Derek and Rose ...couldn't feel the love in any of these!

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