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Hard to pick, I love so many of them

Mc Dreamy - Patrick Dempset is hot and he is such a nice guy it seems as well. Meredith - She makes Mc Dreamy so happy (most of the time!) and I love the chemistry between the two of them Cristina - I love the atypical friendship that she and Mer have.  I love it that they aren't pukey girly girls.  And I love that she is so strong.  She makes me laugh with her sarcasm Bailey - I also love her attitude and strength.  She is soft when she needs to be, but knows how to motivate everyone to be their best. Mark/McSteamy - I loved his man-whore self.  I am not sure I love the new softer, in love Mark, but he is so pretty, it's hard not to love him. Izzie - I have loved her ever since she went on her rant about her body/magazine ads in Season 1.  She is totally unapologetic for her body, as she should be, and for modeling to pay her way through school.  I also love that she stands up for her friends and is a good and sweet person.  She is needed to balance out the angst. Callie - I love the dynamic between Callie and Mark.  I love that Callie stood up for Meredith and took the underwear off the board in Season 3.  Sara Ramirez has a beautiful smile that makes you want to smile with her. Burke - while I hold no good feelings for IW after he ripped on TR and got physical with Mc Dreamy, I really did like his character The Chief - He is like the dad Mer never had, and I love to see him in his little "daddy" moments with her like during the elevator proposal. George/Alex - Can't decide between the two of them for my number 10 spot.  ALex was easy to hate in the beginning, but over time you find out why he is that way, and also watch him learn how to be a better person. George is sweet and such a hard worker.  I loved all the Gizzie friendship scenes and miss that friendship.  I hope is with her through her troubles, however it ends. 
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Can't believe I typo'd Patrick Dempsey's name up apologies!

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1. Derek: who doesn't love him?

2. Izzie: I think the world is in need of some bright and sunniness

3. Meredith: she's pretty much tied with Izzie, but everybody has put her second, so...

4. Alex: I really love him!

5. Bailey: Bailey is amazing! I would love to meet her in real life!

6. Cristina: She's so funny, and she's a really good friend

7. Mark: He's also very funny. I've always liked him :)

8. The Chief: I think he provides some much needed comedic relief

9. George: I loved him in earlier seasons, but not so much anymore :(

10. Addison: I would have put her higher up on the list, but she's not technically on the show anymore, so I didn't know if that was allowed :)

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I posted one before but my feelings have changed.

1-2 Derek or Meredith- I would have totally said Derek before but after "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" Meredith totally moved up. I don't like Derek any less after that but Meredith was so strong that they're tied now

3. Bailey- I just love her. She's so funny but she does have a very strong emotional side. Her character has changed SO much.

4. Cristina- Cristina is just Cristina.

5. Joe- I don't know why but, I love Joe. He's so cool. 

6. George- Again, I just love George.

7. Mark- I love his manwhoreishness (I made that word up!).  

8. Callie- Callie has gone through so much and she still "walk's tall". Also, I love her interactions with Mark.

9. Alex- These past few episodes he has really grown on me. He's just so caring under the jackass exterior. 

10. Chief- The Chief is caring and just a good person. He pretty much dragged Derek out of the woods and helped him rebuild his ego after Meredith "turned him down".

I liked Addison, but the fact that she kept Meredith and Derek apart for months turns me off. 

For the record... I FREAKING HATE ROSE! She was the worst person ever. She knew that Derek didn't really like her but then she acted like a total bitch when he broke it off.

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1.meredith-i luv how shes not perfect and makes derek so happy.

2.derek-i luv how he makes meredith happy and cant help but be da gd guy(most of the time), patrick dempsey is so hot an i luv how he has perfect hair

3.mark-man-whore, i luv him an, its so cute when he calls lexie little grey.

4.geogre-hes so funny but i miss da dais when he had more to do. i just luv when he gets syphilis in season 1, hes so sweet.

5.alex-even when he used to be a jackass he was one of my favorites, i luv how he is with izzie.

6.bailey-shes always dere for every1 and has a gresat speech for every occasion.

7.izzie-just lik er, shes da happy one

8.addison-even dough she kept derek and meredith apart i can't help but like er.

9.christina-makes me laugh.

10.callie-i luv er friendship with mark

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i'm going to update my list...

1. owen <3

2. cristina.

3. mark

4. alex

5. bailey

6. derek

7. mer

8. callie

9. izzie

10. addison

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1) Cristina Yang! (Hands down. Have been my favorite since S1 years ago!)

2) Bailey

3) Owen/Burke(a tie between 'em cos they are each unique in different ways)

4) Callie

5) Meredith

6) Alex

7) Izzie

8) Mark (He's um hot)

9) George

10) Sheperd

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1. Izzie

2. Denny

3. Alex

4. Bailey

5. Meredith

6. Mark

7. Chief

8. Christina

9. George

10. Callie

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1. Izzie

2. Alex

3. Addison

4. George

5. Denny

6. Lexie

7. Mark

8. Derek

9. Christina

10. Meredith


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1. Meredith

2. Derek

3. Izzie

4. Alex

5. Christina

6. Mark

7. George

8. Lexie

9. Bailey

10. Denny[before he came back from the dead to haunt Izzie]

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