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Why do they keep doing this, one week on the next week off BS?? i don't have cable so if maybe there is something else important on every OTHER thursday I can understand but didn't they used to have a new episode every week? i'm sorry but this is super annoying & i LOVE grey's anatomy SO much it sucks to be so mad with them!!!! just let me know if anyone else is really sick of this crap.



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They need to get better scheduling. I understand sweeps and all but the breaks are too big. Two weeks? OK. Three? Too much. I felt that took a toll on the ratings.

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The stop in this season has been really big.In winter GA is stopped,if i remember more of 4 weeks the they are made 2 episodes every thrusday then 3 stop,after 2 episodes every thrusday and then 2 stop.I think this is tired...too much stop any episode.But as they have programed this season,i's doing to disgust to me.This nerve itself fan so appassionated,if you also lead that the episodes aren't so funny and beautiful.It'll be this the last season of GA, i'm asking me.

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I totally agree, and it is really annoying. i dont have sky (from the uk) so i have to wait until it comes onto our crappy tv and we are only just starting season 5 i think, so i have to watch mine from a very *cough* reputable website, or resort to reading the whole episode recap from abc, and this whole waiting thing is not good, i want it every week same day, same time.

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I totally agree.  This time, the break is at least three weeks long.  I can't even find out when the next new show is coming on.  It's ridiculous.  What happened to the good old days when shows started in September and went off the air for the season around May and there was a new show every week (almost, except around Christmas) in bewtween?

UGHHHHH!!!  I want my Grey's!  This is seriously messing up my Thursdays.  (Thank God for Vampire Diaries.)

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Well I'm definitely pissed for the breaks in Grey's in USA, cause that caused that the whole series was put on a break here in Finland, until next FALL!! It was airing only a couple of weeks behind USA, and because of the breaks the schedule was "challenging", so that's why they decided to put it on a longer break, so that they can then show the rest of the episodes one after the other, every week... I don't get why there has to be a break every other week??

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sorry to say, next thurs is a old episode as wel.. the episode when derek confronts richard about his drinking.. :(

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Yeah, it's kind of annoying. :P Mostly because, when we wait, the episode is not really that good... Until last episode. I'm starting to get a little pissy but I can wait now. I have Bones and Fringe on Thursday so I watch Grey's on Hulu. :P

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ugh!!!! i totally agree, all the weeks they take off really bothers me:( i look foward to greys all week and it sucks when its not on:( why do they take these huge breaks anyway????

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Guys, chill... it's really frustrating... but Grey's Anatomy can't do anything about that. It's the network. Look at Glee ... FOUR MONTHS!

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