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Recently when I check the most recent comments, I have been noticing that A LOT of the older pictures and episode guides, etc have TONS of spam comments on them.  Links to adult websites, videos on youtube that have NOTHING to do with Grey's (i.e. used car sales etc) and it is very annoying to find this all on our beloved Grey's site.  There are almost 2 pages worth of junk posts on the comments section of the Pictures from the Golden Globe Awards from January 2007, and now "Didn't We Almost Have it All" Forum is Live, Ready For Comments has some links to cars or something (I am not clicking on the links, don't want any viruses thanks) they say is about cars.   Is there a way to report individual comments?  I know on some other sites I am on, each comment has a "report this" button and if someone thinks it is inappropriate it is sent to an admin and they review it and take it off if it doesn't belong there. 

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