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me and sum of the other guys were finkin that it would b a gd idea if there was a member of the month fing. we'll see how it goes if we do it in the forum and if not do it another way.

just leave the names of two members you fink should be nominated and then the ones with the most votes will be up for it. simple as that :)

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Jessica0115 - she made it the whole month between last new episode and this one with NO spoilers!  That is some serious self control!  Plus I really enjoyed her Trivia game to keep us entertained in between episodes.

greysanatomyismylife - holy cow, you know everything Grey's!  Do you have a photographic memory like Lexie?  Is it just Grey's you can do this for or other things in life.   If there is ever a Grey's Anatomy Jeopardy - you would win, hands down!


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marriedmymcdreamy- winning caption contest practically everytime!

greysanatomyismylife- same reasons as above!!! Shes obsessed! And knows all the trivia answers!

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I also agree with greysanatomyismylife. Same reasons as above, and she has 1226 forum posts!

Other people I think should be nominations are: Jessica0115, emmalovesgreys, and marriedmymcdreamy. I know you only said two but I was just putting some other people out there :)

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Well, thank you everyone. I feel really special.

I nominate:

-Jessica0115- Well, she did do the whole trivia contest and she really does have great self control... unlike me... 

-lovegreys- great forum poster!

-merderforlife- another great forum poster!

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Thanks for the nominations! I'm speechless!  Its so very kind of all of you!

Now for my nominations:

marriedmymcdreamy - Girlfriend tried her hardest to stay away from the spoilers! I give her an A for effort. She kept me company through the whole thing so I give her props.

greysanatomyismylife - Let me just say that she made the trivia game so much fun for me. She made me dig deep for some challenging questions & definetly worked it out.

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i nominate Greysanatomyismylife- my twin!!! sooo obsessed with Grey's and was a beast at the trivia game!


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also married to mcdreamy- stayed away from the spoilers! woot! no way i could do that :)

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You people are awesome! I am so flattered!!! Like really! 

ILOVEELLENPOMPEO... <3 the reasoning!!!!

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lol! this site is filled with the greatest fans (well mostly) :) and i think many people should be nominated but really, Greysanatomyismylife deserves it :)

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