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I know it sounds silly But WHY THE HELL PRESTON BURKE is not COMING ??!!!! he's the best char there he & Krestina are the BEST couple EVER ! and now because of stupid gay-thing he GOT FIRED ? I'm Drawning here with my tears because I'm now at Season 5 and NOW I realized he won't show up !! I swear I'm crying so hard it's so shocking !! please do Anything please bring him back I'm Begging you ,, I've been searching for the Official Website but I didn't find it ,, so please please I'm BEGGING YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART Bring HIM BACK !! BRING PRESTON BURKE BACK !! /dying from crying

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I agree its time for Preston Burke to come back now.  Christina and Burke were the best together!!  I don't have anything against Owen but Burke is the man!!  I just love the Preston Burke character.  So Shonda, please bring Burke back it will make for a riveting storyline.

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