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i love grey's anatomy, and i know there're many other people love it as well, i wanna ask u guys, how many seasons of grey's anatomy u guys expected ... 7, 8, 9, 10?

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7 I think.

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I would say it should continue beyond 10 seasons,

But i'll be realistic, 8 perhaps??

No reason, just like the number.=)

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I thought in that Katherine Heigl interview with David Letterman, she said that they were signed on for another 3 seasons?


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Meredith, Derek and that are currently signed on for 7 seasons, they might do ore though or greys might carry on without them

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All the main characters are signed on for 7 seasons. So, when they're contracts expire, they can extend them. But, I think that will depend of ratings and ABC (they're wish to keep the show or not) and from the actors themselves. I can understand that after 7 years, it can get a little bit tiring to shoot the same stuff. I mean, you all had a chance to read what Shonda said about this season being "transitional", so... She realized that after T.R. left, some may follow his footsteps.

But, I hope Grey's will be on for many seasons to come. I just can't imagine the end...

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