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I am so looking forward to Season 7, so much happened in Season 6, but I believe Season 7 will be even better. 1. Does Dr Webber become chief while Derek is laid up in bed recovering from his gunshot wound? 2. Do we see Derek and Meredith move out to the woods? 3. Does that mean Lexie gets Meredith's house? 4. Cristina and Owen make up, do they move in together? 5. Does Lexie realize Alex doesn't love her and she ends it with him? 6. Does Mark start presuing Lexie in a big way now that she is single again? 7. Now that Owen has chosen Cristina. Can Owen and Teddy remain friends? 8. Bailey and Ben how does there relationship progress? 9. When will we see another crossover? Do we see Amelia and Carolyn Shepherd in episode 3 of Season 7, when they come to Seattle to visit Derek and make sure he is fine? 10. Does Derek become Head of Neurology again? once he recovers, or is he still Chief of Surgery? Well I managed to think of at least 10 things that could be answered in Season 7. Do we see a double wedding with Meredith and Lexie as the brides and McDreamy and McSteamy as the grooms?Oops that's 11 things. And I haven't made any mention of Jackson Avery or April Kepner.


Other things I wouldn't mind seeing.

Meet Miranda Bailey's mum and nieces, cousins - All mentioned in 6.10 Holidaze. Meet Derek's sister's Kathleen and the yet to be named sister. More clinic - there's a free clinic - you only see the clinic if Izzie's there that shouldn't be right. Let's see returning patients. The girl who was born with boy parts, have him come back for his sexual re-assignment surgery. I think it was in Season 2, George O'Malley was talking to Bex's and the parents didn't want there daughter to know she had a testicle where her ovary was suppose to be. If Shonda is going to do more flashbacks, I would like to see Derek, Addison, Mark, Noami and Sam as Interns all under Richard Webber. More Mandy Bailey and Dr Baylow.

Is there anything else you think may happen in Season 7 or would like to see happen in Season 7 or maybe Season 8.

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Did research it was Season 2 Episode 13: Begin the Begin. Bex should come back and because George was her/his doctor last time he asks for George only to find out George died.

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I hope that in season 7 Owen and Cristina can be together without more drama because they have been through so much that now they deserve some hapiness.

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I loved all your ideas.

but i remember Shronda saying on twitter she would love to do a flashback but cant find younger actors to play them all.

Maybe we should come up with people.. like maybe the girl who was in 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter, the one with red hair can play Addison.

i dunno who else..

i would love to see their flashback.. see how they acted and who they once were together lol they seem bestfriends when addison's brother was in the hospital

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My two main focuses right now are MerDer and Cristina/Owen.  I want to see how Cristina and Owen act towards one another.  More importantly, I want to see Meredith first walk into Derek's room just where season 6 left off.  I want/need to see every moment between when season 6 cut off and when Meredith tells Derek about her pregnancy/miscarriage.  That is the other thing I want to know about in reguards to MerDer.  Will she even tell him?  How could he not find out?  Meredith is obviously not herself at the end of the finale, and Owen and April know about it.  I'm assuming Cristina does too, although she wouldn't tell Derek anything and would let Meredith handle it.

All I gotta say is, Shonda had better start s7 right where s6 left off, and I want a sh!t load of MerDer air time.

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This is what I want:

Derek in therapy. MerDer coping with the shooting and miscarriage in an adult way (as they have). Moving into the house in the woods and start trying for a baby. Redemption for Owen if Cristina isn't going for Jackson. Jackson to stay forever, pretty please?? More of awesome Bailey! Less annoying Richard. Teddy and April to go to a cruise and suddenly get lost in the Bermuda Triangle. 


BTW, @ Kevin's Biggest Fan,

It took me a while to figure out who the blonde was (at the beginning I thought it was Izzie, LOL) but that has to be the funniest avatar in history. Good work there!

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Sammie Benj

I Want this season to get back to the main focus of the show. MerDer and the remaining of the 5 interns, moving on up until they are attendings. I didn't enjoy this season, because it was so experimental, none of the story lines were carried out properly (other then the Teddy/Owen/Cristina one, which was actually a very irratating storyline). I miss the old days. I agree with the idea of having some patients come back. That would give the show some rest from trying to come up wiht some super exciting cases. They just need to bring some old people back.

Some of the things i would like to see happen in this seasons (note: i am obsessed with MerDer, so most of my ideas are about them):

Mer going into Der's room when he is asking for her. (Shonda: PLEASE start there next season, because otherwise i will KILL you) MerDer dealing with her miscarriage like their new couple, instead of mer turning back into the dark and twisty person...and for them to start trying to have kids Mer's growth in her decision to become a mother MerDer moving in to the woods after their beautiful home is constructed. Ders family to come to SGMWH (ALL of them... including carolyn, Nancy, Amelia, Kathleen AND the unnamed one - and their spouces and children. Just for the record... if Amelia isn't married, or doesn't have kids... how is it possible for Derek to still have 14 nieces/nephews??? there are only 3 women who had 14 kids? i think Shonda didn't think about that very well) Cristina and Owen to break up - and she gets together with Avery... The April 'loving' Derek storyline to develop, and April to eventually get fired from something she did to Mer (or Der) Teddy and Owen to go back to serve in Iraq Richard to become Cheif again, because Derek decides he doesn't want to keep his job after he recovers - he goes back to being head of Neruo. Calie and Arizona get married - start the process of adopting one of their 10 kids

those are the things i think should and might happen. Now i REALLY cool idea would be if... Mer had ANOTHER sister (or brother), that was the makes of either Ellis and Richard or Ellis and Thatcher (they had an affair while she was at uni or somethienr) and this child comes to find Mer (is a teenager) and Derek and Meredith take the kid in... THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME... Oh.. and another idea for a cross-over near the end of season 7, or maybe even begining of season 8. MerDer get into a giant fight. and they are still in anger mode when she finds out she's pregnant (and there's something wrong) so she takes off to go see Addison, without telling Derek...

anuyways. those are my ideas. Shonda - PLEASE steal them all.

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@Sammie Benj

It is possible for 3 sister's to have 14 children between them. One girl could of had a set of twins, one could of had fertility problems and had Noami do IVF treatment and she had triplets. So really you can divide the 14 up as

Nancy has 3 (2 boys and a girl) these are the triplets, couldn't see Nancy having more then one pregnancy.

Kathleen has 6 girls

Yet to be named has 5 (2 girls and 3 boys)

Derek has 9 nieces and 5 nephews.


Meredith knows she's an only child. If Meredith were to have another sibling male or female or both (twins) they would have to be the product of Ellis and Richard's affair, Ellis left Seattle and went to Boston, she could of hid her pregnancy under her scrubs then when time came for her to have the babies she went interstate and had them and put them up for adoption there, she did try to give Richard and Adele the chance to adopt them but the letter got lost in the post and they never knew Ellis was going to give them the children. This could be what causes Ellis's early onset alzheimers, because she so wanted Richard and have a family with Richard that her brain just couldn't handle it and it started to shut down on her.

I can picture the twins coming looking for there birth parents only to be disappointed that they missed Ellis because she had died a few years back, but they find Meredith and befriend her and when they tell her who they are, Meredith is very angry with her mother, then she takes her new siblings to meet their birth father Richard Webber, they hand him a letter in Ellis's on handwriting telling Richard these are your children, I wanted to give them to you and Adele but when I gave birth to them and never heard from you again I put my babies up for adoption, if you are reading this letter our children have been told of there adoption and have come looking for us.

Or something along those lines. That is my fanatasy.

And Adele would be heartbroken because it's her realization that they could of been parents all along. She's never said she hated Ellis, only that she was aware of Richard and Ellis's affair.

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@ anuflas

I can't take credit for the avatar. There are more funny icons in

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christina avery yang

i would actually like to see owen/christina break up and christina/avery hit if off. he actually understands her and how she LOVES her career...unlike owen who always gets so pissy... besides, i think they had GREAT chemistry in the season finale.

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