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In folk people also like to stick up various paper-cutting in the window grilles.

 - Not only the festive grilles foil festal atmosphere, also set decoration,

 appreciating and practical at an organic whole. Paper-cutting is in our country is 

a very popular folk art, for thousands of years, very popular, because it mostly is 

posted on the window, so is also called it "the window". Grilles with its peculiar 

generalization and hyperbole will auspicious thing auspicious thing, good wishes 

show incisively and vividly, will festival decorated flourishing richly.

In the Spring Festival couplet, at the same time, some family wants in the door, 

wall, signage pasted greatly small "fu" character. The Spring Festival is stuck "fu"

 character, it is our country folk time-honoured custom. "Fu" character blessing, 

good fortune, refers to consign people to happiness life yearning, to the glorious 

future wishes. In order to more fully embody the yearning and wishes, some people 

simply will "fu" character topsy-turvy stick, said "happiness has to" "blessing has

 to". Folk and "fu" character of pure tracing fine made all sorts of design, the 

pattern has ginseng.longevity, peach, carps jumping over the dragon gate, the grain 

and multiply it, longfeng ChengXiang etc

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