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Hey Grey's Anatomy's Fan!

I would really like to know which episodes made you cry...

Please leave comments!

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ok! where to start?

season 2 episode 27, Izzie finding out Denny Duquette died...

season 5 episode 22, Izzie and Alex wedding!

season6 episode 1, George's death...

season 6 episode 8, Little Wallace's (Arizona's patient) death...

season's 6 finale Bailey was awsome! She made me cry like a baby and i didn't even like      dr.Percy...

season 7 episode 6 (the documentary one), for two reasons... 1) Mary's death (she was on season's 6 finale with dr.Bailey, and i feel like i got attached with her, because of what she had to get through),2) I hadn't read the spoilers and i really thought that Callie and Arizona were going to africa,so jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez were leaving the show...

and of course season 7 the musical episode... I still cry every time i watch iy... so intense!!!

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For me all of those made me cry but mostly the musical episode and one more, season 5 episode 13 Stairway to heaven...

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1) definitely when izzy couldn't let go of danny's dead body, then alex talking to izzy and eventually carried her off of him then held her in his arms..... that was sooo cute and sad!!!!!!

2) when bailey finally admits to dr. percy that he's going to die now as he's bleeding to death on the floor

3) and im a sucker for buying it but when i though derek really died on the OR table but really avery just pulled off the ekg leads so the shooter would leave , those 5 seconds my heart broke for meredith bc i thought he really did die .. LOL

theres more but thats all i can think of at the moment...

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@tramaze: i did the same thing thought really did die when jacksin did thatt. my heartt brokee for that time too. i was like nooooooooooo.

season 6 finale bailey freaking about the elevators not working and haveing to accept percy is dead. and the whole epsiode itsleff.

the bomb epsiodes. i honestly thought meredith was going to blow up. soo intense

season 2 finale: denny died that whole last scene when chasing cars played.

when meredith drowned because of how derek reacted to it. i felt soo bad for him.

when wallace died from season 6 arizonas patient

when lexie in season 6 said the whole say my dad speech to meredith that was soo sad.

when we found out john doe was george omalley (RIP<33)

and season 7 Disarm: the whole epsiode was sadd cause everything tthat it happened to the doctors too. especially when meredith was like i was the wife in the waiting room part

and seaosn 7 when arizona and callie were argueing in the sirport when they broke up and arizona went to africa and arizobna was like "were already over"

alot of season 2 was sad too like some of the epsiodes

theress probbs more but i cant thinkn of them right now...............

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I have been watching Grey anatomy via and I can say I have not miss an episode of it. Among all the epidoe the top crying one for me is the season 2 finale.

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