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Maj. I can see your points....but

in the fugitives arc it was the government (or a select few, on nathans orders) after the specials-now no one is after them (yet) but will surely know about them in no time. this will set it up for an x-man style everyone knows everything scenario.

plus, it links in with the future scene from fugitives, where everyone knew about specials and wanted to have their powers. the possibilities it opens up are endless. we've said before heroes has been restrictive and with this ending it opens it up.

I have to agree about samuel. at the start of the season he was full of promise. the characteristics were there for a super-villain. but it did get shoddy, and was the main reason i was ready to leave heroes alone.

the fight with peter was good though. maybe it was not peter's fight, but he is the powerful, all good peter who always finishes off (or plays a part in finishing off) the main villain. the fact samuel was taken off in a police car is, i give you, a lame ending for a villain with powers.

i also agree the mid-season break was a major pain in the ass. why even bother with one. heroes over christmas would have been great. also samuel's motivation for being a villain was too weak, the vanessa part was irrelevant-the guy was bad first off and had plenty of motivation without this tid-bit making a major impact.

i liked tracy's part in the finale. what more could she have done? she didnt have any beef with samuel, but felt a loyalty to HRG. we have to remember tracy is self-obsessed, why would she be interested in stopping samuel?

i agree with mohinder, but the actor playing him is busy isnt he?

hiro couldnt save charlie! think about it. i have kids, had my first at 17, and even though its been a struggle i wouldnt go back and change her birth (if i had hiro's power, hehe) i love her too much and the memories. it was a noble act of self-sacrifice.

fair point about emma thinking something different than about people without powers. but if you are told about something, and then try not to think about it, you always end up thinking about the thing you dont want to.

samuel and peters fight might have been more epic, and sure samuel storm clouded sylar, but sylar didnt have samuels power. peter negated samuels power with his own power-thus minimising what he could do. and peter is very powerful.

yeah, i too though it would have been better for doyle not to even bother trying it on with sylar. but the last time the carnies saw sylar he was unable to finish off samuel-so maybe doyle thought he'd be able to take sylar coz of this.

i think sylar really did debate about finally finishing doyle off, but he wants to be good-a hero- so he couldnt, and i kind of liked that. i'm tired of sylar as a killer, we've said before they should kill him off or make him badass, but the character has a huge fan base, and the actor is so good he could carry the change over well-think of the possibilities of a good sylar, and maybe a return to his old ways at a later date for the epic showdown with peter:)



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just a question....where the f***k was mohinder??!!!

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Lily Moore
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Totally agree honey

Lily <3

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The more I think about the finale, and the the latter half of the season, the more disappointed I become. Tracey was an utter waste. We saw Samuel wooing her, we saw her drinking the Kool-Aid, taking the compass, looking intrigued -- and then she goes all Caitlin on us and vanishes from the storyline. Only to reappear at the end, and then vanish again. WTF? Didn't she do that at the middle and end of last season? 

Words can't express how pissed I am for the way they treated Samuel. He was well on his way to reaching S1 Sylar-status. When he caused a sinkhole under that mansion, and then levelled the police station, he was well on his way to going on a megalomaniacal rampage. And it amounted to nothing. His fight with Peter could have, and should have, been so much better. And then to have him carted off by police is BS. 

One of the biggest problems with this show is it has abandoned promising storylines to feed us drek. Remember in S3 when the Petrellis were in that diner after their experiences at Coyote Sands, very reminiscent of the earlier generation doing the same thing? What ever happened to that? WHy didn't they explore that plot line more? It had good potential. The show went to great lengths showing us Hiro preparing to be a real hero, getting training from his father, living in feudal Japan. And what did he do with all that? Open a safe he wasn't supposed to and stopped some guy from umping off a roof -- 50-something times. A golden opportunity to develop a character and make him meaningful, and it was for naught. 

I do love this show, but at this point I think it's more out of habit than anything else. The wasted potential is getting frustrating. 

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the thing with tracy is whether you view her as a major character or not. I dont, so i'm not too bothered about her ad hoc appearances. she plays a part, but its not really central to the show. although the season started with her on a revenge mission etc...i still see her as a supporting character.

the samuel situation was a little deflated, his motivation was inappropriate and the lack of use of his brother was silly. the end of samuel was bs, but the fight scene was better than the fight scene at the end of s1-peter simply negated his power.....the final fight with samuel would have been better against sylar.

i agree with your season 3 points. that season was so whimsical, stop starting forever more. and the non-development of hiro was a lazy way of dealing with time-travel.

we dont know the direction of next season (if in fact there will be a next season) so maybe some of the points raised lately will be settled then.

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just caught up on the graphic novels

tracy had established a half-way house for people with powers, funded by angela petrelli.

and there is also a scene where angela see's the future of samuel fulfilling his plan in central park...

she also points out that no matter how many times they try to change the future some other divergence of the future happens anyway.

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 I just watched the episode again and I still got frustrated SylarIsGood.  This time I noticed that Peter Flew and tackled Samuel right before they started fighting.  Now from what I remember he had Matts ability, are we to now just assume that he took flight from Sylar or WEst, and JUSTIFY ALWAYS JUSTIFY everything that happens randomly on this show.  Every ounce of Parkman should have been involved now espacially since he himself was attacked by Eli.  He just should have been there.  Fine the fight scene with PEter and Samuel could be said that Peter negated his abilities because he had them to and thats why it was so lame, but again were justifying.   Every inch of your post is right Kal15.  Samuel had so much potential, SO MUCH potential, to becoming a worthy, memorable villain on the show legacy and they just dulled him after the hiatus.  They totally pulled an Arthur on him. 

As for the cliffhanger itself we once again saw how defiant Claire is by NOT listening to HRG again setting us up for season 5, which definitly shows me that their now is going to be more FRICTION between these two on a constant basis.  Man...somethings don't change.

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