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I think the Haitian suppresses powers but doesnt obliterate them completely. When Daphne was around the Haitian in S3 she could still walk, and Matt was able to use his power in S1 to break through the Haitians barrier with enough effort. But there seems to be no concentration involved in maintaining the shape-shifting thing, only in the actual change itself, so maybe the Haitian would just stop Nathan morphing back into Sylar.

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Excellent explanation for the Nathan/Sylar thing

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Thought it was an awesome episode! i was a bit disapointed at nathan and peters reaction to them seeing the real dead nathan, they could of made it more dramatic , hes just seen himself dead!!

claire scenes were good, i like how they actually remembered that claire can grow another foot,  like when she cut off her toe in season 2 i think.


Mohinder has the ability of super strength and could easily rip off a car door in season 3, but couldnt get out of a straight jacket :S,  but maybe they are saying the drugs they give him supress that but still...


Sylar awesome again.. that swing shot from peter to sylar "good things do come to those who wait" damn good


Peter only got one ablilty like maj said,  i was hoping for a battle in the sky with both of them flying but that might be just me :D


i still dont understand what samuels power is or the many people thingy , is it he can move more earth when more people are around?, ,  he demolished a few houses on his own, does it get more powerful?





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I believe Samuel's power increasing exponetially with the precence of other super's could possibly end up causing the splitting earth painting shown last season.....hmmm?

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