I'm sure this question may have been asked already, but I'm not going to look through every post to find it.

okay, so when Sylar and Peter first meet, when Peter saves Claire... how did Sylar survive the fall off the rooftop?....

also, how in the world did Sylar survive the gunshot wounds and completely vanish after being shot several times when Matt Parkman saved the woman cop?...


At this point, the only powers we know Sylar has is moving things with his mind, I'm sure he could have picked up others, but he doesn't have Claire's ability so I don't see how he survives such things.

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That is a very good question i am going to be tune to see if someone have the answer to it jee jee

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Eliza Ann

In Homecoming, it's likely that Peter broke some of his fall, but he was still seriously injured. He limped away and then Eden and the Hatian captured him, so he probably only didn't die of blood loss then because the company saved him.

As for the second part, are you talking about when Sylar comes after Molly at the police headquarters? If I remember correctly, I think Sylar doesn't actually get hit with the bullets, but uses his TK to stop in mid-air, Matrix-style.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

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Free Willie
I like the fact that their encounters have been tame. Things should get better for their next steamy encounter, who knows, maybe the writers will let them have a steamy nude scene together. Is it possible?
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