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it does not bode well for heroes fans in the UK.

The season 4 premier is this coming Saturday at 10.10pm on BBC 2!!

Not exactly prime-time telly. it used to be on a 9 on a monday i think.

most people in the UK are out getting plastered on a saturday night (sky plus?) so will miss it. it is a daft time to air such a show. is the BBC having second thoughts about showing heroes? it does not look good atm....

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yeah that is bad, on a saturday,

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Sure it use to be 9pm Monday or maybe Wednesday. The fact its took them so long to show it and put it on a terrible time shows they dont care anymore and are pretty much stuck with it till the end.

I havent stayed in on a Saturday night in 12 years but with Sky+, BT Vision and the like people will no doubt watch.

I'll record and watch them again.

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I'll just wait for the DVD. I'm working on saturday nights :(

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Lily Moore
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Thank goodness for sky plus is all I'll say


Lily <3

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You can watch the episodes online also.

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