Heroes is the worst ever television show ever made. I stopped following it after Volume 3. The plot has lot of flaws. I am looking forward to the day when a South Park or a Family Guy episode makes fun of Heroes. That will be freakin awesome.
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heroes is better than you

here goes that hoochimama, hump dat hump dat hoochimama


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I used to love this show. S1 was so good. S2 was ok but after that it was all down hill. I find myself giving it a chance at the beginning of each new season, hoping that it's going somewhere... but no. Nothing ever happens. Why should we even care about anyone anymore??? Seems like everyone has a super power. This show is awful. The only character I'll tune in for is Sylar and even he seems less interesting now that he's under the control of Samuel.

What is the point of this show again? I really wanna punch Hiro... His father was right. He's not good for anything. How can he possibly bumble around and eff things up so much? What ever happened to the Hiro from the S1 Subway with the sword?? The future Hiro seemed like he had things in control...

I think in S1, the writers had a good idea where they were going to take things... right now they are going in circles and it's really hard to watch. I literally fast forward through the crappy dialogue to see if anything actually transpires.

Sooo disappointed.

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Heroes used to be a great show. But now there's too many inconsistencies in the plots and the characters are doing too many stupid things ( i.e. Claire joining the circus ,Hiro search for his "girlfriend" ,Peter going on "saving sprees"). I fear what boring plot the writers are cooking up for next season (thats if there is a next season).

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Did anyone else notice that Nathan's wife and two sons were not at his funeral or wake. Was his family left behind in S1 & S2? These are just some of the many inconsistencies in this show's storyline.

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I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking Heroes SUCKS now. Actually, Francis, you described EXACTLEY how I feel. S1 was unbelievebly good. Season 2 was OK, and then the writers strike came along. I think that's what destroyed Heroes. It was never the same after. WTF, did they hire the ex-O.C. writers!??!? Last season was like some crappy 13 year old girl show with all the Claire shenanigans.My mantra used to be "Kill the cheerleader, save the show". Now it's just, "Get this friggin piece of crap off the air because it's dying a slow and embarrassing death!"And for the love of God, quit introducing new characters!!! Especially ones that no one gives a crap about! The Heroes writers are great at forgetting about good characters and letting them fall by the wayside, while introducing one's that are boring, uninteresting and weak.Heroes is the the Amy Winehouse of TV. GREAT debut, but the success got to them and they are now just a strung out, sores on the face, bad fake boobed, let down junkie, who make their daddy cry every night because they threw their lives in to the shi**er.




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Jay: If you watch the funeral scene again, you will see two kids sitting in the front row beside Angela. We aren't told directly, but it would be a pretty safe guess to venture that these are Nathan's children. On the side of them opposite Angela is a dark-haired lady wearing a veil. This could very well be the ex-wife. It wasn't Rena Sofer, who played Heidi in S1, but she looked similar. We also see this lady pass by in the background during the wake. These little cameos are fine by me as the kids and ex-wife are irrelevant to the plot, unless the kidlets start exhibiting special abiities.

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I don’t think Heroes suck but I do think it could be better then what it is.  But it doesn’t matter what show it is, you can always think of ways it could be better.  I just hope they give heroes at least two more seasons cuz I love heroes.  I just think the writers should have taken heroes in a different direction.  I know a lot of heroes fans want to see more action and I agree.  I guess heroes isn’t as epic as it used to be.  The first season was great the best so far.  And the goal of any sequel or new season is to capture the magic of the first season and recreate that and make it evolve.  And I feel season 2 didn’t do that, and that’s where heroes lost some of its fan based.  Granted its not all of heroes fault, I think its because of the writers strike.  That’s what killed season 2.  I think what they did to peter was stupid in season 3 by taking away his original powers.  After they did that there was no one to balance Sylar.  And now we are at season 4.  The first couple of episodes were extremely slow.  But after peter healed matt, the season is getting better and has the opportunity to recreate the magic that they had in the first season.  I think they should make peter’s power evolve into the power that his father had.  The ability to take away peoples powers and the ability to hold more then one power at once.  I think this season they should give people the ability to hold more then one power. But he can only get these powers by touching the person with the desired power.  And next season or the season 6 give him the ability to take peoples powers away and that’s when he stops sylar once and for all by taking his powers. But for season 4 When peter said I’m ready, that should mean he’s ready to get stronger and be able to hold more then one power. But as a twist for this season they should make Sylar and the other heroes team up to take down Samuel.  That would be epic.  Peter and Sylar teaming up? Rivals, enemies teaming up to take down a common foe, that would be epic. 

Sorry for any typos.   


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I cannot believe I am am going to say this.....it was painful to watch at times.

I honestly thought, at one point, peter was going in the right direction, but then he went all lame again.

sylar taking on samuel, awesome. then he what? loses the will to kill. why? because he wants to be loved??? wtf??????????? this is sylar we're on about here! and then who does he want to love?? claire-bear!!! unbelievable. no seriously, it is unbelievable.

then there is hiro.....ok, season one he was great. lets take a look at what has happen to him since then...

stuck in time, not able to timetravel

reduced to a comic relief character

given the memory of a ten year old

stuck in time, again

loses his powers

can only teleport

brain tumor

jumps about in time

loses his mind, again

seriously, give him a decent plot, direction, whatever, or kill him off too. its tediuos....

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FWIW, the problem with Peter is that he looks like Rocky, but, unfortunately, is a candy ass. Stallone is not proud of his illigitamate son, at this time. This cunundrum is what we all should really be focusing on, IMHO.


The show needs to get off the shi**er, and Peter needs to train.

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