I love Heroes

I'm going to have to disagree with everyone here.  I love the show and here's why (true story, by the way).  I was diagnosed with unfecalitis (the inability to poop), but one day after I accidently tuned to an episode of Heroes, my bowl's content dropped faster than the show's ratings ever could.  Granted it was a mess since I was unable to reach the bathroom in time, but a welcome mess nevertheless.

Now I have a tv installed in my bathroom and once a week, I'm able to enjoy the release of my bowls.  I just wish the show was on more often because one week of crap stored in your bowls is not good for the plumbing at all.  Thanks Heroes!

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That, I love Heroes, is the single most funny post I have seen, EVER!!

I'll be laughing at that for some time!!!

Hardlines...all that xmas food to store until Heroes returns in January:)

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I think the whole Hiro Nakamura thing is crap and pointless and the whole story has no substance to it. Overall an awful season! Dissapointing!

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Oh! Waffles! Woohoo!

Hiro Nakamura

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