I'm not saying anything like that, I know you all like heroes and you all think that the reviews are accurate but for some, like me, we have different opinions and think the episodes were actually very good and the review on this site was wrong.It's all a matter of opinion.

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I have been a fan since the start of S3. I went back and caught up and LOVE this show.

Look, this is a GOOD show!! Everyone thinks so. I do think that this a very very good forum, everyones opinions are good. Here is the thing that I dont get. We all watch this show intently and then talk about it on here, weather it is good or bad. Not everyone is gonna be enthusiastic about a show. There are sometimes where I look at my tv and say, "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?" The thing that everyone needs to remember is, the writers can only do so much, if they gave you everything you want you would not watch the show cause it would not be on. It sounds to me that there are people that love the show and others who love to hate it. We need the parts of the show that makes us hate it cause if he didnt hate some parts than the parts that we REALLY like wouldnt be much. There are people who complain about the character development, I think that part is just fine. Yeah they are not doing SUPER things, but do any of you remember the original tag line? "ORIDINARY PEOPLE, EXTORDINARY POWERS". Or something like that. They key part of that is ORDINARY PEOPLE!!! You need to remember that the writers are trying to keep to that. If they didnt, we would have every comic about superheroes that has ever been created. And that is way boring.

I agree Heroesfan101, its all about opinion. All of us still love the show, thats why the same people post on here ALL THE TIME!!

Thanks guys

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hey. i was only emphasising how the show effects us. i wasnt having a pop at you heroesfan 101.

good points above. you cannot have the good without the bad.

i think we are just looking for continuity and 'redemption' for a poor third season. it is all about opinion, and some do post on here all the time, myself included, but this is because, as you said bear, we care about this show.


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