Does anyone know how Peter was able to get flying ability in that season finale?

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Sylar has it, he displayed it multiple times throughout the season.  HE got it from understanding how it works by being Nathan.  Note, that isn't empathic mimicry, its intellectional mimicry.

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it could/probably did come from sylar (peter's flight) but it is also open for intepretation.

In other episodes this season the point of peter transfering power has been clear. The finale episode was not.

did peter or sylar use telekinesis to move eli? when peter read eli's unconscious mind.

Did he get flight from sylar to fly into samuel?

Or......has peter, due to the '5 years' spent in sylar's mind trap, finally learned to empathise properly (again), resulting in being able to hold more than one ability (though restricted by having to touch)?

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It looks to me like Peter is now Sylar's sidekick. Sylar can get as many power's as he wants with Intuitive Aptitude and Peter can use one of those power's at a time by touching Sylar. I think if the show continues this is how things will be for a while, since in their minds they have been friends for years.

Not the solution I would have chose for "Peter's Power Problem", but we'll just have to wait and see if it even matters.

I suppose Peter could take Sylar's IA again, but he probably won't out of fear of "the hunger" which could turn Peter into a villain.

...Just thought of a new thread if anyone wants to start one.  "Who would make a better villain next season: Peter or Sylar"

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My guess is Peter took flying from Sylar. 

I believe the writers were intentionally ambiguous though, just to leave the audience wondering about Peter's powers, as they did at the end of last season (after the fight with Sylar in which Nathan died). 


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HE GOT IT FROM WEST!!! CLAIRES EX BF THAT COULD FLY IN SEASON 2!! He literally asked her for his number so he could go get it from him so he could feel how it is to fly after Nathan died.

Thats how he got it.

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