those who have watched season 4 eps 1 + 2 will have noticed peter gets scared in his blurry fight is this how he gets his scar fighting with him again


and also thrs a big big clitche it shows peter bending dwn 2 pick up the knife tht was droped n then it shows him standing and bending over 2 pick it up lol

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OoooK I dont see it that way......I just watched like 5 time and it shows Peter bending down to get the knife then Camera changes to The Bad guy then Camera changes back to Peter still Bended and then he get up........ run it on your DVR

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WeeDunk do you honestly think that is the "SCAR"..are you effn seriuos..its a freaking scratch...the "SCAR" goes across peters face.  Man you need to be more observant.  You Crazy.

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