They made a big mistake getting rid of Nathan. The only time this show got really good is when him and Peter were together as a Duo. I'm going to miss the both of them as hero duo. They really should of killed off a sidekick of another duo. The duo of Hiro and Ando! I don't get the same vibe from them. Nathans story arc could of continued being in politics. But they thought Ando was worth keeping around more then Nathan! What for a storyline of Ando trying to translate what Hiro is saying to him. Give me a break

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I liked Lydia. But the dead that angered me the most was Adam. But that's because I've got a weird crush for David Anders, since ALIAS. I also miss Eden and Elle. Elle was psyco-funny

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You know what would be cool. Is to give Nathan and after life ability to talk to the living in there sleep. He could still have that connection with Peter and he could direct him on what he needs to do to help save the world.

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They have a good chance to kill off the right character and fix the right powers. Peter has made some huge emotional strides, so maybe he can get his empathy back and his empathetic mimicry. And now the world knows about claire, and surely the govn or even private scientists will want to use her to test on her, clone her powers, tap into her blood for bioweapons, what ever. Use that and kill her off. Kill the cheerleader, save the world.Woot.

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Hi Raptor EM

I do agree Claire's character can be annoying. I think killing her would be the easy way out for the writers. They made her this wasy and to kill another member of the Petrelli family would be ridiculous. If they did kill Claire off, then Peter should become a bitter character. And the reason why would be that his brother just died and then your killing off his niece. Which would enrage Peter! You can't have your star character lose all the people that he loves. Just think Peter lost katlen, Simone, Nathan and you want to add Claire to that? Also you can include his father as well. I don't know any super hero that lost these many people that were close to them. Oh wait they had their abilities to save them! But they should keep Claire and Peter in more story lines together. She's less annoying when she's with Pete.

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The downfall of this show was killing off characters like Adam, Bob, Arthur, Elle and Nathan. All these characters had the potential to make this a great show. 

Nathan was the most missused character from season to season. Except for the first season. They could of done so much with political side of his character.

Arthur could of been the most powerful villian of them all. It would of been great  to actually see a show down between Peter (with powers) and Sylar against Arthur.

They should of just had Adam give Arthur his blood and then they could of teamed up together. They could of used him for anything and he would of made it work.

Bob was great company guy. I liked how he kind of was on the boardline of good and bad.

Elle was the best female character on the show and the most powerful of the females. They gave her character to much depth to kill her off so soon.

If they could bring back all of these characters or just a few of them. I think that would make a major difference in season 5 and getting the show back on track. Hey with time travel and abilities anything is possible.

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