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I agree. Sometimes the guys who run the site will even take a small, minor thing and blow it way out of proportion. Mixed opinions are one thing but I find it overly negative at times.

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For example:

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I think I've got it -- why there is so much negativity from the folks at this site.

They have largely ripped this season apart, even though myself and many other fans have found many parallels between this season and the measuring stick, season 1. But there is one glaring difference between this season and the previous three seasons (or at least the first three volumes): a glimpse of the future.

In the first three volumes, we saw the future, and thus we knew what the Heroes were undertaking -- what they were trying to avoid: an exploding man, the Shanti virus and a world where everybody has powers because of a synthetic formula. So there was a definite endgame in the crosshairs.

This season, we have no idea what that endgame is. Samuel has a plan. We now have tidbits of what he wants, but it's still a mystery to us what exactly he is going to do. And you know what? I like it that way. I like having to guess. Change isn't always a bad thing. The first three volumes were very forumlaic; this shakes it up a bit. The quest is still essentially the same, but the intrigue keeps me hooked week after week. And I know I'm not alone on that front.

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I agree. Season 1 was amazing, but by the time they reached Villains, that method of story telling had been repeated, and Villains did not do it too successfully enough. They did a bit of it in Fugitives with Matt blowing up Washington DC but they seemed to get that out of the way quickly. The change has made the show better.

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