To me this sound like the name of the last season of Heroes???

There is gonna b a new female which will be introduced in the last Episode An Invisible Thread Hope shes a Badass.

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yeah, maybe. if there's any villain i hate worse its females. they give me the creeps then again they do provide the tension don't they=) so it's both a blessing and a curse. 

but which female? hope it's not claire. tracy would be interesting.

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Heroes Volume VI will be called "The End Motherfuckers"

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We got to talk to James Kyson Lee and he told us a little bit about the season finale and "redemption". Check it out here.

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probably,the water girl at the end of season 4 was tracy really sad that nathan died.but im a bit excited on how sylar would turn out to be nathan..will he remember?

love the show..

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A true Hero

I think the "water girl" is the 4th persona Nikki will take on... I think Nikki has a split persona... who knows. I remember in the first or second season a part when Peter is in the future with Hiro fighting for something or another but Nathan comes flying in and he turns out to be Sylar but he didnt know about it. So it leads me to believe they are still working on tha being set in stone... but i think that the new Nate/Gabe will cause some sort of duel role like the whole Nikki/Jessica thing.... One question i have had for a while is how did future peter get that scar on his face. AND WHAT HAPPEND TO PETES GIRL FRIEND HE TOOK TO THE FUTURE AND JUST LEFT THERE. WTF GUYS. I liked here and now shes just gone WTF.

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ummm for the last post....DUDE NIKKIS DEAD....DUH....the chick at the end is NOT is tracy and she is hunting down the agents from building 26....

and yes nikki did have multiple personalities as was proven...but that wasnt an was just a disorder...

yea i kinda liked her too...i think they screwed up with that thing tho...he just forgot about her completely...

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Heroes Jakob

the water girl, was not tracy strauss, it was barbera!! the third sister!


as you seen, the Intuitive aptitude is still there, thats means that sylar is still there!


he will realise,and use his Rapid cellular regeneration,

and repair his memory, just like peter did in season 2. sylar has killed the puppet mastery guy, you saw syler use it on claire!

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I would like to see it continue with no plot holes. The Finale had none.

Not matter what they do Nathan will die. Mama Petrelli has seen it and so have we.

Sylar now moved his spot, they don't know how to kill him.

Peter could take Parkmans ability, but Nathan still dies somehow, no matter what.  Before it was Sylar then it was Peter when he went nutz. Nathan is suppose to die. This future is set in stone. How it happens is not set in stone.  

So they solved the problem. They need Nathan as a leader and Sylar dead. Peter can't be as good as his older brother...yet, and Sylar is too powerful and we can't figure out how he can be killed read his mind and you do kill him. BUT you lose Nathan. Since Sylar can become Nathan, and make it stick with Parkman, you try it otherwise you still lose Nathan 

This time they got to restore Nathan and kill Sylar off so he is not making the decisions for him in the white house.

Also Peter and Claire still think Nathan is alive. They could never play along with what Mama Petrelli did, and Sylar would come back, leaving Nathan lost forever

But their will be a fight between who has control over the body which I can't wait for.

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lol yea unfortunately more of Ali Larter, this time as Barbera.  what luck for that actor, she gets to die twice and still comes back for more seasons.  ok she is a hottie but still enough is enough.

 oh well, i hope this season a lot better then this last one...more action, less filler episodes would be nice.

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