After reading some of the posts I realized people here don't know the writer's mentality or the audience they are trying to attract.  So here is my take on the kind of story the writers might actaully write, but please not I make no assumptions because the end of volume five is the most unquie direction the show has ever taken. 

The president comes to the Petrelli house with HRG telling them of the new Bearu of Special Human Affairs (or The Company), of which HRG is now head, and wants Peter and Sylar to join.  Syalr has spent the past 6 months saving people and stopping violent specials while on camera and has become a media darling.  The president knows about Sylar's violent past, but knows he can't risk pardoning him nor can he jail him publicly.  So, he puts Sylar on a "short leash" one slip up and he's out.  The pilot is serves as a recuriting episode with Matt, Suresh, Tracy, Lauren, and Edgar joining.  Meanwhile Sylar is sent on the new Company's first assignment, to capture a powerful rogue special, fighting ensues.  Others are recurited along the way and the Company becomes formidable.  

The show would take on the same forulma as Supernatural, two stand-alone episodes followed by the main story.  The main villian would be a group of anti-special fanaticals who happen to have the last five vials of "the formula" (sold to them by Flint back in season 3) and peridocially use it against the company.  The company loses a few key battles and Peter begins to question HRG's leadership.  The final invovles the leader of the leader of the "anti-company" injecting himself with 2 shots of formula and fighting several Heroes at once.

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