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Description: A brief guide assist you rip Blu-ray disc, folder, ISO images files to MP4 withbest aspect ratio and quality, so that you can watch Blu-rays on widescreen smart TV smoothly.

Hottest Blu-rays:

Blade Runner: It may not have the ultimate audio or video quality, but this newly remasteredversion is splendid compared with the poor original DVD. Better yet, thiscollection comes with every version of the movie ever released.

The Bridge on the River Kwai: David Lean's classic--and arguably, one of the best filmsof all time--has come to Blu-ray in a completely new remastered version. Morespecifically, this includes a new 4K "digital restoration," as wellas 5.1 surround-sound audio. I've seen this one lately for less than $10, whichis definitely a bargain for Lean fans.

Hugo: Whetheryou thought "Hugo" should have taken home a Best Picture Oscar or not (people tend to really love this film or just think it's OK), one thing isclear: director Martin Scorsese's first 3D effort and an ode to the movies istruly a winner on Blu-ray. The video transfer is nothing short of spectacularand the detail throughout the film is something to behold. This one'sbeautifully rendered and sharp, sharp, sharp.

Braveheart:Though Paramounthas received some criticism for the video quality of its "Gladiator"Blu-ray, "Braveheart" has fared much better, getting high marks forboth picture and sound. We agree--and also like the replay value on this one.

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