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if she goes with hook i will feel they have both settled rather than be each other's one true love. i say bae because they have a son let alone history. i see where everyone is coming from but lets not complicate her OTL because then the show will go on a downslide and then be cancelled and i for one do not want that. 

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and technically he didn't abandon her, august was meant to send him a postcard once she arrived in storybrooke and had completed her destiny....

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Why can't Neal be her true love?  After all, isn't that Henry's father?  When I started watching the show from the begining, that's who I thought she was in love with!


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i'm rooting for emma and captain hook, the chemistry between them is undeniable and i can really see hope for true love

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"if she goes with hook i will feel they have both settled rather than be each other's one true love. i say bae because they have a son let alone history."

That can't be right. I think the opposite, in fact. You can't be true loves with someone just because you have a kid together or just because you have history. That should never be the reason.   When you truly love someone as much as Neal and Emma loved each other, you fight for it. Neal didn't do this.   Hook and Emma have such great potential. They understand each other so much and they have this connection. Not to mention the attraction that is so obviously there. Captain Swan will be the best thing that Once will do as long as they do not turn it into some cheesy triangle. I will forever root for Emma and Hook to be together.
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In my opinion, definatley Hook! I mean no one can deny their chemistry... but I could imagine that Neil/Emma will be endgame though... so that the whole family can be together in the end...

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I feel like it's definitely Hook. I definitely want it to be Hook. I feel like Neal lost his chance when he left her. There's no excuse for that and I don't want Emma running back to Neal after he didn't fight for her.

Hook is the "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets" kind of guy and that's what Emma needs.

Not to mention, I love them when they are together. They have the best scenes!

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It has to be Hook.. he has done what needs to be done in true love, find her, come back to her, put her first, never give up, fight for her, risk his life for her

They have been parallels with Snowing... and in words and actions

And he turned up at the door like Henry did in season 1.... HE FINDS HER

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