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It has to be Hook.. he has done what needs to be done in true love, find her, come back to her, put her first, never give up, fight for her, risk his life for her

They have been parallels with Snowing... and in words and actions

And he turned up at the door like Henry did in season 1.... HE FINDS HER

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I am rooting for Emma and Hook!

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I'm so excited about the development of their relationship. In last few episodes you see how much she trusts him. I mean, she left Henry with him, that's how much she trusts him.

And the next episode is centered around Hook, can't wait! Hope we will learn something more about his past..

Hook and Emma all the way :)

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my new video about captain swan <3

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I like Emma and Hook together. I'm wondering, is Hook Henry's step-grandpa?

Milah was Baelfires mom, so she was Henry's Grandmother. Did she marry Hook or was she just his girlfriend?

So Henry's grandparents are: Snow and Charming and Rumple and Milah.

Regina is his mom and his step great-grandmother?

Cora is his step great-great grandmother?

Ava and Leopold are his great grandparents, right?

Cora married King Henry, right?

and Zelena is his step aunt?

If someone can please let me know if I have this right?

poor kid must have a hell of a time at the hallmark store.

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Hook is not Henry's step grandfather or grandad - Milah and Hook never married! Nor were Bae and Hook father and son, because NONE of these relationship were presented like that, or ever progressed to be it lol

Regina is his adopted mum i guess... who did marry Snow's dad which makes her also kinda step great grandma (but again that relation has no basis because its not presented like that, what is valuable is that she is his mum - thats what the relationship is)

Its like saying well Rumple went out with Cora, so lets make him Regina's step daddy lol.

Anyways rooting for Emma/Hook!!!

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Len GB
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SEASON 4 synopsis

Can Emma and Hook commit to one another, and can these two damaged people take their love to the next level?

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