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A called Emily warning her to get out, that was Toby PROTECTING HER. Cece Drake should be number one on everyone's radar. She moved from LA shortly after Caleb's mom got in an accident in Montecito which is an hour from LA. She is the same age as Ian and the older kids Ali was hanging out with. Her initials are CD just like Courtney DiLaurentis. Her full name is probably Cecelia, the missing letters being A, L, I. She additionally implanted the idea of Paige being someone to fear in their heads just like Mona implanted the idea she was getting A texts. Mona "helped" Emily get on the swim team to erase suspicion from her just like Cece "helped" Spencer with her college application. Also, the snake in the fitting room. SMART IDEA TO MOVE OUT OF STATE (Rosewood to LA) WHEN YOU JUST KILLED SOMEONE. Enough said.

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It's an other probabilty.. indeed -A acted like Ali, and we know that this Cece is a copy of Alison so, she has the qualities to be the on. I can't say how but I feel that Ezra is part of the -A team... maybe is the -A... is too pretty to be innocent.

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I could imagine Cece being the leader of the A-team... and could it be Cece on the masquerade ball, because there was once a blond girl in a red dress in the backround and some internet sites like wetpaint also noticed that girl... maybe she's the leader in the red coat (or dress at the ball) who talked to Mona at the end of S2... just another thought! :)

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Agreed! Cece could easily be A, she's shown that she can be aggressive at a moments notice (when she called Jenna to scare her away from Nate). If A isn't an adult, I agree she has to be about the same age as the older kids. That's one issue that the girls had for a long time, assuming it would be one of their peers, or someone that they've met and known for a few years.

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