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I definitely don't think at this point that Ezra is involved with A. When the summer finale first happened I was really hoping that that is where they were taking his character but idk if that was never their intention or if they backed out and changed his role after Ezria fans got pissed like what happened with Toby. All the clues fans have seen since the earlier seasons could still be pointing to him being a shady character but we need to consider the fact that since the reveal in 4x12 we have never seen him do anything that is DEFINITELY an A action. In last nights episode ("Love ShAck BAby") yes we see him ransack Hanna's room (so I think we know for sure that it was his lair in 4x12 or someone who he is involved with seeing as he was so interested in the diary) but once someone shows up at the cabin the face is never show despite the fact that Ezra was shown doing creepy things the whole episode. If that was him at the cabin he would have been shown for sure. Now that doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't involved with the diary getting stolen because that person easily could have been working with him. If that is the case then I believe that person is Travis. Emily's car was tampered with, Travis works for a garage, this caused Hanna to call Travis giving Travis a reason to be there. Travis told Hanna it was going to take him 2 hrs to get there yet the girls probably walked for 30 min tops and weren't at the cabin long then Travis magically shows up right after someone came in to steal the diary. Now we saw Ezra start messing around on Hanna's computer shortly before the car breaks down which doesn't confirm that he did it but it also can't be proven that he definitely didn't at this point. If in fact the A team were the ones who stole the diary I still believe that the person who did it was Travis. So in summary I think Travis is involved whether it be with Ezra or the A team idk yet but he is definitely involved with one in my opinion. What do you guys think??

Check out my blog have a few other theories on there. Feel free to comment what you think of them and let me know your own!


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