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i was wondering if someone could clarify two things for me. What exactly is the Jenna thing (what did Jenna have on Ali and vice versa?) and what other car was involved in the crash? I hope it wasn't Lucas's.

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isn't the jenna thing the incident where ali set off the 'stink bomb' and it blew up the house or whatever jenna & toby were in, which resulted in jenna being blind?

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Yes, that's the Jenna thing. ;)

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i still dont understand why the girls are so scared, they didnt do anything it was ali?

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They're scared because they were like, involved in it so they dont want to get caught.

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there was something unclear in this episode... ian said that ali was hit and that's why she died, and spencer said ali died of suffocation. as far as i remember, ali's body was never found, so how did they know all these? on the tape, there was only her hand (so the killer couldve stabbed her or something without the girl to know it)


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ali's body was found in the first episode..

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Well, The girls are scared because no one else knew about the Jenna Thing, and that could've easily had many things to do with Ali's death, plus, they were BEST friends with Ali, so they were really involved with everything.

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Well they were all a group when the Jenna thing happened so like they couldn't all blame Ali because she was basically the ring leader of the group and if one of them went down they would all go down together. And they said it was suffocation that resulted in Ali's death but based on everything thats happening now nothing can be certain anymore.

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yeah but i mean ali's dead its not like she can get them for grassing her up?

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