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I think i may know who was responsible for putting Jenna in the DiLaurentis house and setting the house on fire. I think it was Toby. Here are my reasons why...

1) At the end of the episode, 'A' is seem putting a policemans badge on the step of the house, which to me seems like he/she is trying to frame Garrett for the fire.  As Jenna and Garrett were dating, Garrett was round the Jenna household often which means he could of easily left his policemans badge behind for Toby to take.

2) Jenna had just had eye surgery, which means she will soon be able to see again and thus be able to cause even more trouble with the girls (Tony may be concerned about Spencer), she'll also be able to make Toby's life a misery like she used to before she was blind. I believe Toby was fully aware of the implications there would be of Jenna being able to see again so tried to take care of that by causing the fire.  Also, Toby doesn't know about 'A's existence so instead of providing no evidence that would then suggest A started the fire, he planted Garrett's police badge to suggest otherwise.

3) Finally, isnt it weird that Toby all of a sudden decided to come back into Jenna's life? It seems to me like Toby had plotted this fire a long time ago, and becoming Jenna's brother again was his way of being able to look innocent - he would never try to kill his half-sister right!? Also, and this is the strange part, in the episode, Spencer asks Toby 'Why are you letting her back into your life?', and Toby replies: 'It won't be for long.' Strange...


Let me know what you think!

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"It won't be for long" was really strange, but I don't think he would go through all that trouble of framing Garrett and setting Jenna on fire just for the concern of Spencer. After the Wren story, why would he do that for her? In the beginning of the ep we saw Garrett drive off crazy in his car, the girls said "what's his hurry?" we didn't see Garrett in the entire episode after that short scene, then by the end, a badge is dropped on the floor. I think it was him


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I dont wana believe that Toby would hurt anyone:( but I do think he has some sort of motive to be with Jenna.

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I don't think Toby would hurt Jenn, but I think it has some motive for which he decided to be close to her again and as Spnecer couldn't told him about A to protect him, maybe he also can not say what he's up to to protect her...

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