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okay, so i posted a theory names 'my theory on who killed alison' something like that and i've made a new theory on mike.

i think mike's secret is that he was trying to run away from home.

stealing camping equiptment, a gun, and jenna's artwork to sell for cash?

it's my theory, though.

and we all know dr. sullivan is going to die next episode so it was fun while it lasted.


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I think that A is going to kidnapped Dr. Sullivan because A do like playing games and that message might just be her/him messing with their heads. I think his secret is that he is gay.

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I don't think he's gay since they'd be repeating themselves all over again with a coming out story.

I know, the show is partly different from the books, but I read that Byron and Ella ends up splitting for good (dunno if they even got back together) and since Mike is so afraid that Ella will leave again, it must mean that perhaps Byron is having an affair again ether with the same woman or a new.

and perhaps he was trying to run away since he stole the camping gear but I don't know why he so early wants his mother at home if he's not going to be there anyway.



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If his secret is that he's gay then well that is sooo stupid

and I'm not sure what being in the closet has to do with breaking into houses, if it turns out he's just gay that's a huge dissapointment since his character is so irrelevant to the show. He was just a one-liner last season, his problems has to do with something relevant to the show or A

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Perhaps he wanted to come out of Jason's closet instead of his own, so he tried to break in, LOL! ;)

Spoofs to the side, I agree with @Flora. His condition is relevant to the story and perhaps A, not yet another coming out story. There was also a reason that Byron brought up his brother's suicide, so the sort of depression Mike's going through has to be very serious (no offense to gay people struggling with coming out!).



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maybe A blackmailed him to steal all that stuff? okay wow that was totally irrelevant i don't even

yes but i'm pretty certain his storyline is connected to A. if not, then i'm gonna rage

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ın the clıps arıa mentıons that hes talkıng to some stranger on the ınternet... A!?!

ı also thınk hes sufferıng from depressıon, whıch ıv experıenced (bad tımes eh?) and hes got some of the symptoms ı had lıke not wantıng to get out of bed, ıgnorıng/blankıng out all the people close to hım etc..

ı dont know ıf anyone can help wıth thıs but does anyone know what happened wıth mıke ın the books??

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yeah, maybe he's confiding in A like Ginny confided in Tom Riddle's diary.


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I WAS THINKING THAT WHEN I WROTE IT OMG! he's the new heir of A.
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I haven't seen the clips of Aria saying that, but it's likely to be A if he's chatting online with someone. A will be his friend until Mike gives A what he/she wants and then it's bye bye Mike (okay perhaps he doesn't die or anything but still) :P



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